Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chinese food and Elsie

This is an introduction to Bridger, Corey's son. Great guy and will be a handsome fellow.
This is ELSIE MAE, just after coming Carol's house with Ben. Of course a little stand offish seeing new faces.
Part of Corey's present family. Bridger, Chase, Corey and Jackie (not to be confused with me, ha!)
See, Elsie did get close to me. I actually did get to hold her for a minute and she sat on my lap. HONEST!
Shon, Carol and Elsie.
Below is the proud daddy, Ben and his pride and joy, Elsie Mae.

Benjamin Aaron Darnell, me, Sherry (show off) and Elsie. Elsie took right to Sherry, I think somehow girls cheat, one day I might figure it out.

Bridger clowning around with the hot mustard at the Chinese dinner.

Joan & Dick Workman (The other g-grand parents, of course Carol's mom & Dad.) Looking across the table at Elsie Mae.

Here is Elsie across the table with grandma Carol in the background.

Another picture of who? Elsie as she gives a taste test to the food. (Oh yeah, that is Carol on the left, just to make sure you don't mix up the hair. ) Looks like Elsie is a strawberry blonde.

Me, Sherry, Joan and Dick the old folks at the dinner.

Final picture is of somebody putting the gold dollars in her pocket. We will see her in a little while again. She is with
Ben this weekend so we are going to share some time.

Everyone here has been so nice. It is a good visit. It was good to see Chase, who is a very pretty girl now and will be a beautiful lady there is no doubt.
It was good to see Dick and Joan. Joan and I were going to take a hot air balloon ride together (Sherry and Dick did not want to leave terra firma). I got cold feet at the last minute myself (the $200 ticket might have has something to do with it, but don't tell Joan she will think I am a cheap skate. hahahahahahahhaha, that is all right go ahead, they all know I am a cheap skate!!) This is just a continuation of a great trip.
Thanks for coming along for our 'family dinner'.
Nite Shipslog

I would be leary of the wife who posted this on Craigs List.

For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain.


Rose said...

I would not go on a Hot Air Balloon ride not only because I wouldn't pay the $200. plus add that I would be scared as all heck! LOL

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That little one is adorable. She sure made your visit an enjoyable one. I know you enjoyed the visit with everyone else too, but she had to have been a high light there.

jack69 said...

I got an e-mail from the 'other g-grandma' saying she liked this blog, she knew everyone in the pictures!!!!

Paula said...

Nice pictures. Elsie Mae looks to have grown so much but then that is what she is supposed to do, huh? Her hair is sooo pretty.

Debbie said...

I'm so happy you and Sherry are getting to spend time on your trip with family. I've enjoyed looking at all the pictures, Elsie Mae has really grown, she's a cutie.

Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

What a joy to see such a happy young family. May time and life continue to treat you all kind. Please have a safe and good Sunday.

Debbie said...

I forgot to say, I don't blame you a bit for chickening out on the hot air balloon ride. That price is outrageous not to mention the fear factor.

betty said...

my gosh, Elsie Mae is a little girl!! I know its been about 2 years right since she was born, but we "forget" because we don't get older, only they do! She is sooooo adorable!! Grandmoms just have a way with little ones, that's why she warmed up to Sherry so quickly :) thing is after you guys leave, she'll probably talk the most about you......

it is always neat to see family indeed!


Sheila Y said...

I know you and Sherry are enjoying all the family time. I'm like Sherry, I would prefer the ground to floating through the air..but didn't realize it was so expensive. Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

It is good to see Carol, Ben, Corey. Elsie Mae
has grown so much looks like a sweet girl. Elsie Mae's hair is the color of my hair as a little girl. Glad you got to see other family members. I know you are having fun. We are having a little cooler weather. Stay cool.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I, like you my friend, am quite the daring adventurer and I'm sure it would be interesting to swap some stories. I am, however, wise enough not to press my luck and a balloon ride under any conditions is sheer lunacy. Good choice!


Glenda said...

Did somebody say Ben is a Darnell??? Oh my gosh, Jack, he looks so much like you!
And Elsie Mae is precious, just want to hug her. Make some great memories!

Fred Alton said...

I'm so glad you and Sherry are having this great time with your grandchildren and their children. I know they all are loving you BOTH. They have to love you Jack because you bribe them with gold dollars and such like. heheheheh