Sunday, September 5, 2010

Me and Elsie Mae

When asked what her name is she will say, 'Elsie MAE Dar'NELL.
We drove over to Coalville where Corey is working, he is still in construction. This is the giant Elk antler chandlier that is being hung.
The house as you walk up. The owner wanted the 'Old' look. That red roof is pre rusted metal roofing. The used Weathered wood from outside stuff very old. This is a sprawling ranch on 50 acres. A lot of money still available to some business men.
Above is in the small restaurant were we went to have dinner. All the kids wanted a turn or two on the pin ball machine, including Elsie. That is Chase in the foreground waiting her turn.

But on the way home Elsie caved in and crashed.

Today Dick and Joan came over to visit. We had a great visit, but Joan had to goto work.
Later we went to Grandma Carol's house. and guess who showed up. Maddison, Corey's oldest daughter. She is beautiful. She was with her boyfriend, a nice guy. I was so impressed with her desire and passion for reading that I found two of my books for her, can't have her missing the greatest unheard of author in the family. She seemed pleased.

When we arrived at Carol's, Elsie wasn't up yet. When she got up she had to have her dad comb her hair so she would be presentable for Great GRandpa jack.

Notice how loving she is, took to me quick, didn't take but a few gold dollars, some sketching and a magic trick or two. The magic coloring book. Hey, I'm good looking, I don't have to bribe the ladies. hahahahaha

One more of the photo ops she insisted on having.

I even got a few hugs in between these shots. I did get a video of her singing her ABC's and saying hello to her Grandpa jack back home. Jack was going to flyout, but an emergency arose and he skipped (regretfully).

Elsie toured our playhouse here. Loved the motor home but she was tired and we parted. She is a doll of course, and I am not one of those silly Great Grand Parents!
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betty said...

told you she'll talk the most about you after you leave; but glad she warmed up now so you guys got to spend some special time together! what a sweetie she is!


Paula said...

I can tell you aren't CRAZY about Elsie Mae. She is sooo cute.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was so great to see all your lovely smiling faces there. I know you were having a grand time being a great grand.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Cute....cute....cute....little doll baby...!!!


shirl72 said...

Good picture of you and Elsie Mae. She is a
pretty litle girl. Ben is working on a fabulous
house. Our weather is in the 80's no humidity
Hope you are having a good LABOR DAY.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honour to get a glimpse into such happiness.

Sheila Y said...

I think Elsie Mae has someone wrapped around her finger...probably more than one.. :) I know you both are enjoying your family time. Shirl is right, we have been having really nice weather. Take care, Sheila

Anonymous said...

know you enjoyed your visit great grandpa
John and doris

~mel said...

How wonderful that you are with family! I'm sure all those Grandloves have you both wrapped around their little fingers. I imagine your grandson gets a HUGE pleasure out of showing Grandpop Jack what he's up to in the construction biz. Enjoy ENJOY ENJOY!!! They grow up so fast and there is only so much time to ENJOY!!!

Fred Alton said...

That Elsie's a most adorable great-grandchild! I'm enjoying meeting your grands and great grands. Very special time for you both, I'm sure.

Fred Alton said...

And - WOW - What a building! Looks like beautiful construction ability runs in the family!

Jen said...

I remember when my daughter was Elsie Mae's age. That is such a fun age. Glad you got to spend some time with her.