Monday, September 13, 2010

The Grand Teton of the Tetons

I have no idea about the pictures today, they are lined up funny. We started out on a day trip to see the 'Big Tit'. Well, I didn't know it was that until I done a little reading. Grand Teton in Fench is 'Big Tit'. As always the trip is as good as the destination. I make up stories as I go. I could not pass up a mind story of a family living in this one room house.
Then moving into this one just up the hill to get more breeze and more room. It is now empty. There was one more, a new home, about a 1/4 mile away I missed it in picture, but that is the one the family lives in now (jack's mind version)

Ahhhhh, we passed so many pictures like this We had to sing about the amber waves of grain. Hundreds of acres as we drew near the larger mountains. As you look at these pictures, we have already climbed a couple thousand feet. I NEVER expected to see more wheat before reaching the Tetons & Wyoming, but again the landf leveled out and as you see, we did see more. Aren't American farmers grand. I cannot imagine how they harvest this.

Our first view of the Tetons, still in Idaho. I had to stop for this picture, it was so breath taking.

Again, getting so near the Tetons that the hills of grain obscure the view.

I'll admit, here I plucked some wheat.(there is Bible for that) It was just to much to pass up, and I know Mr. Farmer would not refuse me one stalk of the golden beauty.

We made it up to the Teton Pass. Here is the sign that welcomes you to look down at Jackson Hole.

WE are no strangers to snow on the mountains, but every time we see an early snow, we love it.

I got hit by a snow ball just after this photo.

This is my bride and I after making up from a snow ball fight that she instigated. Of course I apologized first, us men are like that. hahahaha!
That is Jackson Hole behind us and more Tetons on the other side. Jackson Hole is the valley between.

Down in the town of Jackson Sherry took time to chat with Mark Twain, Huck and Becky.

And I found a cat I could like!

I have heard many stories of the antler arches in Jackson, here is one. There are four, one on each corner of the town park. The last time we were near here, we did not come on down to Jackson.
We came south from Yellowstone until we reached the Grand Teton, admired it and the Tetons and returned to Yellowstone via Idaho. That was many years ago.

As you can see they have grown since then They were just kids the last time we were here. hahaha! The tallest one is the 'Big Tit' or our 'Grand Teton'. Since I learned that I have been bragging on Sherry's Tetons. I did get smacked once when I...... oh well us boys will TRY to be boys.

leaving Jackson, Sherry got a shot of the Ski slopes coming right down into town.
Back over the Pass and back into Idaho. This was a fantastic day trip. But aren't they all, this country has so much to offer.
Yes we have driven thru the Beautiful Black Forest of Germany
and driven thru the Alps. There are more and higher mountains, but for Americans the Tetons are our beauties.
Tucker tells of his first plane ride out here for a skiing trip. The pilot flew around the Grand Teton, tilted the plane so everyone could get a view and said over the intercon, "Now I present the Grand Teton!" He said that was an inspiring sight, and I do not doubt it.
We are heading South to las Vegas, leaving the beauties of Utah and Idaho. Will send some photos of las Vegas with Aunt Aggie and Cousin Howard Dewey. Oh yes and I will send a picture of all my winnings.
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful mean to measure time and life. Forth and sixth picture I do love most. Thank you for reminding me of home, where one could smell the change of seasons.
How nice to at least see snow. Thank you. Please have you all a good Tuesday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my! The views are breath taking. I was ohhhing and ahhhing over the fields as I drove home yesterday but they are nothing compared to those. I just cannot imagine how that harvest is done. We do live in a grand country and now thanks to you I am seeing more than I ever could otherwise. As for the snow...well I just cannot get excited about that at all. Have a safe trip to Las Vegas!

Cher' Shots said...

Once again your pictures are Grand (Teton - I mean Jack) How did I know you would compare Sherry to the mountains ~ but then again you are just a boy in a man's body,right? Do boys ever really grow up? I know my man would have said the same thing Sherry! Safe travels onto Vegas, are you going to cha-ching a little? If so, good luck.

shirl72 said...

I hope you win some money while in Vegas.
I guess you will say "What ever happens in Vegas
will stay in Vegas". Tell us if you win.
Tell Aunt Aggie and Dewey I said Hello. He wanted me to fly and meet you guys there, but I have to Gigs this week. Put a quarter in the
machines for me.


Cher' Shots said...

Jack and Sherry ~ thanks for the sweet comment you left on my page about my 'love story.'

betty said...

they (the Grand Tetons) certainly are magnificient aren't they? certainly well worth the day trip to see them! loved the pictures. Be careful not to spend/lose all your money in Las Vegas, LOL.


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

wow,i love to see all your photos most of all that snowy one...hmmm,how i wish to see and touch such inviting you to check my new photoblog and hope you could follow it safe on your journey always!...


Dar said...

WoW, those amber waves of grain are just that...awesome trippin' with ya. Give Sherry a break Jack...geeez you're a character.
Hey, Dusty put gambling machines, a pool table, jukebox, electronic dart board in the Northern Archery now...I tinkered with a game called TripleJack and won 80 bucks...have fun in Vegas...if I were you, I'd slow down as you pass by and just throw them a $ might save a mint that way. Ha!!!!
We head south for a couple weeks after Bill's eye appt. Fri. Can't wait to get to TX.
My P/C has been barking again so, I'm hanging it up for awhile. We will call you sometime, if that's ok.

Ally Lifewithally said...

your pictures are beautiful ~ thankyou for the trip with you ~ Ally x

Lucy said...

Wonderful shots. My dad grew wheat and it truly looks golden. I agree with Dar, give Sherry a break. You pick on that poor lady all the time.

Fred Alton said...

Loved this trip today to the Grand Tetons and down into Jackson Hole, WY. Frances has been there but I have not. She wants to know if you were fortunate enough to see any jackalopes along the route. She says she did not get to see a live one but did see lots of stuffed ones on the walls in restaurants, etc. ☻ I loved that cat too - it's the kind with no dander and no hairballs on the furniture! Great pictures of the mountains, the city, and especially the antler-archway! It's fun to travel along with y'all.

Fred Alton said...

Oh - let me add - It's o.k. to pick that wheat if it's not on the Sabbath Day! LoL!!!

Fred Alton said...

And be sure to wash your hands first!

~mel said...

You certainly are on a wonderful tour of our beautiful United States ~ thank you so much for sharing it with us.