Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leaving from Utah to Pocatello, Idaho

We passed Ben around the grandparents.

Then we headed North, still beautiful farm country. Vast valleys with abrupt mountains. These happen to be the Wausath (?) Range.

We drove into Idaho. I was expecting soil that is not rocky. After all this is the potato capitol. How can you raise potatoes and rocks together.

We are beginning to see some fall colors on the mountains.

These are Huacos. Used in the worsip of the potato god. They had a story here about an indian tribe that was slaves to another tribe. They were dircted by the god to plant the potatoes and feed the green tops to the oppressor while they ate the roots or tubals. The Green is poison and the oppressor died therefore releasing the slaves.
Now if your wife/husband offers you some potato greens seasoned with bacon grease, DON'T DO IT!

Housed in the Potato Museum in Blackfoot, is the world's largest potato chip. It is in the Guiness Book of world records. It has 980 calories.

Marilyn Monroe posed in a Idaho potato sack. If I was a woman I would not wear one, some one might misinterpret. I da Ho.

The ancient potato digger.

Sherry standing in front of a wall of potato mashers. Some of you stilll have one.

I had to pose with this beauty. It wasn't MM but just as pretty (to an old deaf man)

Our next formal attaire, burlap Tux and gown.

That is is from the Potato capitol of the world, Blackfoot, Idaho and the Potato Museum.

We just arrived earlier and decided to drive up from Pocatella, Idaho where we are staying.
Take care, and thanks for taking the time to travel this short distance from Utah to Idaho.
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From the infantry manual:

'If you see a bomb technician running, try to keep up to him.'
- Infantry Journal-


Cher' Shots said...

I love my taters' ~ but you won't catch me in a potato sack for that very reason ~ it might be misinterpeted. lol

Paula said...

I still have my potato masher and I won't let anyone take if from me. I may decide to cook again someday. I hope Sherry didn't say that word out in public.

betty said...

can't imagine a potato chip of 980 calories! yum!! what a cute museum to visit; love anything about potatoes so would have enjoyed that indeed!! it would have been neat to see those potato mashers; cute display of them too! Ben did a great job smiling with all the "grands". I'm sure they will miss you and you them (and I know Elsie will talk about you guys for a long time :)

enjoy Idaho!!


Lucy said...

I do not know what happened to my potato masher. It was my moms and my guess is that my daughter has it. I bought a so called potato masher An don't know what a potato masher should it is black heavy duty thing that does not even know it is supposed to mash potatoes.

~mel said...

So nice to see an OLD man with his beautiful young bride enjoying Idaho! So... what kind of potatoes did you eat? How were they prepared? They do come in more varieties than just mashed and potato chips. A 980 calorie chip ~ now that's a potato chip! {{HUGS}} Safe travels and can't wait to see you again!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love Idaho potatoes but that is about all I know about Idaho. Yes, I still have a potato masher. Everyone at my house prefers their mashed potatoes done that way. Have a great day there and I'll be looking forward to seeing more pictures!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yes....i have my potato masher.....have you tryed the new baking poatoe bags....??....they're great!!


Y said...

Richard and I would sure like to have that potato digger right about now.

I was laughing out loud at your I da Ho reference.

Jen said...

I have a potato masher. Those flakes out of the box don't cut it.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Somehow I always knew that you-da-ho......


Anonymous said...

Am impressed by how nice and clean the streets look ! Interesting as well to read about the museum and yes, we do have as well a masher. Please have you all a safe road ahead and a good Friday as well.

shirl72 said...

What can I say everybody is talking about potatoe
mashers. I guess I will just continue to let
everybody do my pototoe mashing my favorite is
baked potaaoes. What an education on pototoes.