Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Buses or Trucks allowed on Hoover DAm!

There are times when this old mind gets confused. As we neared Hoover Dam today we kept seeing these signs. About Buses on Hoover Dam.
Earlier we had left Nellis Air Force Base headed toward Albuquerque, NM.

We Drove thru Las Vegas and headed East. The sun is in our eyes that early in the morning, but the new shades I added last year helped out a lot. We knew that highway 93, which we were taking went over the Hoover Dam. What an interesting place. BUT the SIGNS!

I kept thinking are they considering this a bus?

Sherry got the above shots of Lake Mead, before we were directed to pull over to the side. We weren't being turned back, just inspected. I assumed like everything else, the results of terrorists! Sherry went thru the coach with one guard, and I opened the basement compartments for another. Then we were waved on. We passed the Visitors center. If you have never been here, it is a very interesting place to visit. You get a tour of the power plant and a history of how it was built.

Hoover Dam, a great feat on mankind. The last time we were here they had started building a bridge to bypass the dam road.

Below was our first glance at the near completion, it has been in the works since before 2002, that is the last time we were here.

Some ugly guadian angels just before the dam.

This is on the dam itself. Folks walk out for pictures. (Hard to fight the relections in the windshield)

STill on the dam, Sherry got a good shot of where we just came from. We drove under the new bridge, and infront of the brown boarded Visitors center around a curve by the angels and onto the bridge where we are.

Then she turned the camera up toward Lake Mead, you can see the water marks on the mountains, as to where the water can go to.

Now we are on the EAst side looking back and you can see the new bridge, just about as much an accomplishment as the Dam itself.

Now from up on the mountains She got a good shot of the Mead side of the dam.

We followed #93 to I-40 and headed directly East. When I saw this yellow field I could not help but remember 'Mellow Yellow' from the Blue Ridge Boomer's Blog.

This is a bad shot thru a buggy windshield, but I wanted to try to let you see a complete train. I mentioned that one thing that amazed me about all this open land was that you could see an entire train at one time. This is -one.

Just a note, if you read blogs, be very careful going to
She will throw a hungry on you today!!!!
Thanks for coming along. We are at a little community called Joseph City, AZ. headed EAST!
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That place is magnificent. It's hard to imagine how they could build such a place and that bridge alone must of been something of a challenge. Beautiful pictures today as always. I am so enjoying the trip! If I haven't said it before I'm saying it now. Thank you so much for sharing.

shirl72 said...

I did see the Hoover Dam what a magnificent site.
I missed last blog glad to see Dewey and Aunt
Aggie. He does love the Hollywood scene and loves
having his picture made with them. The strip
sure looks beautiful. Glad you had a good time.


Paula said...

Awww did you write that little poem? Yes Mel did have a drooling good entry today. I haven't been many places but I have been to Hoover Dam.

betty said...

last (and only) time I was at Hoover Dam was back in 1994; lots has changed since then! glad you weren't a bus or a truck so you could enjoy the visit there!!

I like Albuquerque, enjoy your time there! take the tram if it is still open :)


Helen said...

Good entry. I have watched a commentary about how it was built and found it very interesting. That was a long train. Thanks to you and Sherry for sharing your pictures. Be safe wherever you go.

Woody said...

Nice Pictures, Nice Entry, Hope you 2 are doing well, take care!

Sheila Y said...

We got to see Hoover Dam when we were in Las Vegas in '90. Seems I remember hearing, don't know if it was when we were there or later on TV, that the concrete was still curing...wonder if it has finished by now...take care, Sheila