Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It feels so good when it quits hurting!

While in Idaho I broke a filling really bad and had to have it replaced. I allowed the dentist to leave it high, thinking it was okay. I normally do not let then give me a shot because I hate the dead feeling. I wasn't thinking so he shot me. and I could not tell the height.

I tried to lower it with sandpaper, emery boards and a file. nada.

A lot ensued, I missed him before the weekend so I drove holding a stick on the other side. I had evidently bit down in my sleep and made about four teeth real sore. Monday I found a dentist and he trimmed it down. I am about to get over it.


We took some back roads in Southern Utah. These like the rest are great. You can see the road on two switchbacks below.

WE passed some stands of Aspen, white as chalk the area looked landscaped.

This lake is at about 9000 ft.

The roads are steep, I missed the 10% grade sign but got this 9%. If you are not familiar with grade percentages, 10 is extremely steep.

Oh, I felt like Davy Crockett, I spotted this remote cave just off the road. I was the first to be here since the Indians. (I knew that because they had left their McDonalds cups and plastic forks.)

Oh yes this trip took us into Arizona. We have been this road before going North. If you read S'gar, this is the area 'J' drove through after leaving Vegas.

Like always, in Mts. showing downs and ups, a camera cannot show the heights. You are about to go through the Virgin River Canyon. Driving through is like a Giant Theme park ride. It is like driving along the bottom of the grand canyon.

Every turn brings oh's and ah's. The heights up the beautiful carved canyon walls takes your breath.


You are looking down more than a mile.

This color does not show up as it appeared.

We were constantly weaving in and out of the Canyon walls. NO! I did not take a one of these pictures, this road required attention. Sherry did it and done a very good job.

It is just hard to imagine how tall the walls are. I would guess at 3500 feet, the Grand canyon is over 5,000 feet.

Sherry looks forward to State lines and takes pride in the shots. She was up set at Nevada for putting too many signs together.
So, here we are in the land of Aunt Aggie and Cousin Howard Dewey. Aggie has a Dr. appt tomorrow afternoon and we will get together after that. I am trying to hide quarters from Sherry so can use the slot machines!!!!
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PS:I had a photographic memory that was never developed.


Paula said...

Beautiful! I have never driven to Las Vegas but did fly in once with three other women. The lights were beautiful at night from the sky. Guess we'll have to pass I have doctor appointments and tests coming up and John is going to visit his sisters in Oct. I'm going to opt for quiet for two weeks with the TV off.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Oh my,i was mesmerized by y0ur ph0t0s,love it all jack...and sh0uld I say take me there,take me there lol!have y0u seen my ph0toblog?

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad to hear that you got that tooth fixed. And that it's stopped hurting. All the pictures are beautiful. What a drive that was. Glad to see you made your destination. Take care and enjoy!

shirl72 said...

What beautiful country. Sherry you did a good
job taking the pictures. I am not to happy with
my new camera. I know Aunt Aggie and Dewey
will be happy to see you. Dewey was trying to
clean his house for your visit. Hope you win
some money. Give Sherry a hand full of
quarters. Quarter machines was my favorite.


Fred Alton said...

Riveting portrayal of your travels. I would be glad to let someone else take the pictures if I were the one driving you motor home down that steep grade! I've never done that in a big vehicle such as yours - so can only speculate that you would "gear down" so as to save the brakes. Even then - I wonder what it would be like.

Sorry about that tooth problem! Feels as good as when Daddy stopped whipping. ☻

betty said...

so glad your tooth is all fixed now, Jack; nothing like teeth aching to ruin a good time. I think we were through that Virgin Canyon too just recently when we drove to Montana. It is gorgeous (on Highway 15, right??) I can't imagine being on a 10% grade in a motorhome! that would scare me! But the scenery with the lake is just gorgeous!

enjoy your time in Vegas; and remember what you do in Vegas, stays in Vegas :)


BlueRidge Boomer said...

With my recent back problems and the costly urinary track infection.....i was pondering how you and Sherry handeled dr/dentist issues....thanks for clearing that up for me...LOL!!!
Play a quarter for me in the nearest slot machine!!!

Sheila Y said...

Thanks Jack for taking my back to Snake River Canyon...it is amazing all the scenery out that way...so different from the southeast. I've been to Vegas too, was 8 months pregnant with Jarin. We flew out, Rick was there on business. I thought it looked like Christmas with all the lights...ha. Enjoy!! I'm cheap...I played the nickle slots...ha. Take care, Sheila
PS. Do you know there is a Frank Jackson Lake and state park where my parents live?

Anonymous said...

Jack, don't you carry a Dremel drill for grinding down teeth. It works for me.
Photos are. as usual, GREAT. You mentioned, the other day,that the USA has some of the best scenery in the world and your photos certainly prove that.
Have great and safe trip, Bill

Y said...

Would you be willing to draw your route on a map once you get back home? I want to use it as a guide for me and Richard to follow your "Jack and Sherry" exploration adventures...not to be confused with the Lewis and Clark expedition... a lot more civilized.