Monday, September 20, 2010

On the Way to Albuquerque

This has been an exciting trip. Todate we have driven over 8,500 miles on our Senior Trip around the country. We have so many past memories. As we drove through the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and The Crater Monument we reminisced about our last trip through here with Colette and Sonny. Such memories. Always as I have driven across this great country whether the Northern Route or the Southern route I look over at Sherry and say, “Now imagine us in a covered wagon, look at the rocks and gullies, the mountains and forests. We owe a lot to our pioneers who blazed a path where highways never ran.”

(Sherry on the famous Route 66 blazed through this lava bed shown after the sunset.)

People here in New Mexico and ARizona see these sunsets often. Below is heaved lava beds.

They are through out this region, can you imagine crossing this in wagon? No you would have to find a way around.

AT Las Vegas we started the return trip. No we did not go to the coast this time, maybe we will fly back sometime. We look back over this trip and thank God for such a rewarding trip. We have had minor mechanical problems but so many plusses they are becoming hard to count.

Touching base with dear friends from Biloxi Mississippi, just before the start. We saw Virginia Matheny. Then we also met with Flavious and George and their wives. It has been over 50 years. Then the actual trip started and we Got up with Fred & Frances in Cleveland Tennessee. While there we met the family, whose names we only knew. WE also renewed our time with Mama Brannen.

Then in Detroit we met Candace, a niece on Sherry’s side, Johnny’s daughter. Candace is a doll. She is a Grandmother and looks like a young mother. She is sweet as can be.

Now we are looking forward to visiting with Buddy and his lovely wife Di.

(I will have to finish later Buddy just drove in)
I'm back, this is the first time I have ever pulled into a park and come face to face with this.
Buddy said this lady was a Hudson buff, Now I know it. Above is a 1950 Hudson.

Below is a 1947 Hudson with an antique trailer.

WE got our first look at Buddy, he has become his daddy!!!!!!!! His wife Dianne is beautiful and from England. more on that later. Right now they are hooking up, and we won't interfere. That is where you need no help, if you are an RV'er.

These signs are here at the park.

It has been a very good trip, and getting better. Boy does it feel good to see Buddy.

Nite Shipslog


Life is good, friends are priceless.
PS2 our flat, never got FLAT we just stopped to have a screw removed. so we were never on the side of the road dead in the water, so to speak.


Fred Alton said...

What a wonderful trip it has been. Thanks for letting us travel with you and see the sights in these wonderful places. It is a great country indeed. I do not know whether Frances will be strong enough for us to come to Biloxi. I am still hopeful.

shirl72 said...

Love the old cars do you have room to bring one

Can't wait to hear about your visit with Buddy.
I know you have a lots of catching up to do.
You have had a good trip around the world twice
now it is time for you to get off the road and come home. The leaves have started falling.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can just imagine the fun you all will have at that reunion. It's great that they are RVers too. I give those pioneers a lot of credit for what they did. I know a lot of them didn't make it but not for lack of trying for sure. What would they think of us now? Enjoy your friends!

Terri said...

Just wanted to check in on the shipslog :)
Think about you two often...sounds like ya'll have been on an amazing trip...filled with good times and memories, glad you got to meet up with several friends/family along the way...

Enjoy the pictures as always...
Take care, Love & Hugs from Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Living in this city, where buildings aren't ever further away than one can throw a stone, the pictures were a delight indeed. Thank you for this nice journey.
Please have you all a good Tuesday and safe road ahead.

Lindie said...

I was tempted to make a joke about the 8500 miles today but I won't. I have often commented to my children about the pioneers on our many cross country trips. It really inspires awe. I taped the travel channels 5 hours of Earth's Wonders yesterday and so much of it is in our own country.

betty said...

I am so glad I wasn't a pioneer, I would never have made it LOL! seems like you guys planned the best vacation for you all! I know you are enjoying your time with Buddy and his wife :)


Lindie said...

I guess I either I misread or you changed it. I thought it said 8500 miles today, not to date!

Lucy said...

Brings back a lot of memories, I bet. I kept visualizing them in your books.