Monday, September 27, 2010

Waltzing Cross Texas with you!!!

We departed Albuquerque this morning and drove across Texas. Now that is a tall order, to drive across Texas in a day, unless you cros the panhandle, that is what we did, only about 176 miles across there. As we neared the Texas line we crossed Mesa land. Those are the pictures taht did not show up here. This is the slowest the system has been. I don't know if I will get this on.
A couple days ago someone got on my BLOG, yeah someone hacked into my site here and put a nasty entry on about sunglasses. WEEELLLLL that guy had not driven into the South West Morning Sunshine heading East in a long time. Any fool would know you need sunglasses, shades, blinders and anything else to fight that sun.

Now I am the kind of guy who is always willing to admit a mistake. If I had written that entry I would gladly claim it. If I had written it, I would never put this picture on (that Sherry forced me to). hahahhaha!! I am pretty cool in sunglasses. hahahahahaha!
That desert sun is unmerciful. If I coud drive East in reverse, it wouldn't be so bad!!!

Out here you see these ranch houses off in the distance. These folks don't go to the store every day I bet.

Now we are into more cattle country instead of farm land, even though there s a good bit of that in the Panhandle.

I have to look up this grain again, something about sorgum I think.

We drove past the largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere. YOu have probably seen the internet entry about it. It has been around for awhile.

Something funny about this picture. Woter tanks ain't 'posed to lean!!!

We are less than a mile inside the Oklahoma border.
Glad you crossed the pan handle with us. WE are always amazed at the miles and miles of highway without much population. BTW, we are right on the Famous Route 66 still. We have followed for a few hundred miles now.
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PS: Iwill just be happy is this posts!!!!


Paula said...

Sure like the pictures especially the cross. You two have a safe trip back.

shirl72 said...

Pictures are beautiful as always. Well you
are waltzing across Texas. Glad you are headed
this way. I have been working hard like Dad
use to say Had to stand the broom in the corner
and turn off the lights working to hard. I always thought that was so funny. You can
help when you get here.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your pictures and the post made it so I guess you can be happy of that. You are traveling many miles for sure. Take care and be safe.

betty said...

I always wonder where people who have houses in the middle of nowhere go to the store when they go to the store. I like my stores (and neighbors)just a bit closer :)

you guys are covering lots of miles and states! lots of memories being made too


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Sunglasses are our!!
Be safe and Enjoy...

Ally Lifewithally said...

The pictures are lovely especially that Cross ~ the scenery looks Vast ~ have a safe trip ~ Ally x

~mel said...

That's just what Dar and Bill are doing today ~ waltzing across Texas and Oklahoma. I talked with them yesterday and they were heading out this morning for home. They've been in Ft Worth for the last two weeks by our sister Colleen.

LOVE the sunglasses pic! Looking pretty!!

I didn't even know that you drove ... I thought Sherry was the mastermind behind all the miles. I thought all you did was wash the windows and gas up at the pit stops and play on the computer. LOL LOVE YA!! ~ keep it safe and between the ditches

Anonymous said...

Perfect dance.

Please have a good Wednesday and safe road ahead.