Monday, October 25, 2010

Cars and stuff

When I was a teenager up to my mid twenties, I could tell you every car on the road, make and year (sometimes even the model). Now they all look alike to me. I have never asked my grand kids, but I wonder if they know the different cars, or is it just me that think they all look alike?
I have a lot of memories about cars. Vondale’s dad had a 1948 Chevy Fleetline

. Dad was a Chevrolet man the first years of my life. He switched to a Buick Special in 1951.

In 1955 he bought a Rambler. George Romney was in charge of the Nash corp. Changed it to Rambler.

('59 Rambler I think, could be a '60)
He turned the business around, they out sold Plymouth and were approaching a solid third place behind Ford and Chevrolet. Dad bought a couple more Ramblers before he died. I even switched to Ramblers for three cars, then back to the 1968 Malibu. Then a Caprice, A Plymouth, a VW Van and we had a Pontiac Bonneville that we took to Cuba.
('55 Nash Rambler)
I used to love to tinker with my cars, but now they are so complicated they are not any fun anymore. Some things I can fix, but mostly a mechanic must take care of it.

(1953 Plymouth belevedere

(1964 Pontiac Bonneville, we took a white one like this to Cuba)
Cars are a big part of America. I am sick at heart that we Americans are not the world leaders in automobiles anymore. If you are the leader, then with good management you should stay there, we did not keep pace with the world. If the German and Japanese Industries can come over here build new plants, build cars and make a profit, why can’t we?
Remember any of these?

BMW=Bring Me Women, or Brake My Wallet.
Audi= An Ugly Deutsche Invention
Subaru=Screwed Up Beyond All Repairs usually
Ford=Find On Road Dead, or Fix Or Repair Daily
Saab=Shape Appears ass-Backwards
Porsche=Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children
Volvo=Very Old Looking Vehicular Object
Fiat=Failure in Italian Automobile Technology
I am getting silly, time to stop, thanks for coming this way.
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Cher' Shots said...

I love old cars, don't know why but I always have. And you're right - the auto industry has taken the fun out of another thing that people enjoyed doing - tinkering with cars. Especially for you men folk. I still miss my '68 Pontiac LeMans. Black leather bucket seats, stick shift, marroon exterior. Sweet ride. Thanks for the virtual car show!

Ally Lifewithally said...

I would love that PINK CAR even today ~ "the Nash Rambler" I had not heard any of those BMW etc... but I did laugh as some of them ~ OH DEAR I HAVE A FORD !!!!!!! ~ touch wood I have not had any trouble with it as yet :O) ~ Ally x

Sheila Y said...

I have only heard the Ford one...Hubby used to only buy Ford trucks, but his last one is a Chevy, maybe I should say latest one...ha. Have a great week, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember those cars and I remember that I also knew what make they were. Anymore I cannot tell one from another. We're mostly Ford people in my family. I know what they look like but that's about it. My first car was a 56 Ford and although it wasn't new, I loved it.

betty said...

I think my son knows a lot of the models of cars out there if he is interested in them (LOL). I'm always asking what kind of car is this or what kind of car is that. And you are right, gone are the days of working on your own car for the most part. it is kind of sad in a way, a right of passage I think learning how to do "simple" repairs on a car was something I bet fathers passed down to their sons.....

all great looking cars you had pictures of here!


Anonymous said...

Jack, I got the disk today. Have been able to get it open on my computer and will read it as soon as things calm down for me. Thanks again.

My first brand new car that I bought after I got out of the Army in 1955 was a green and white 1957 Plymouth. Remember that model? I loved it up until I was driving to work, one morning, and a cigarette blew back back into the car and totaled it in a fire.
You brought memories for me.

Anonymous said...

Ha ! how nice to read that you as well make saying with the letters of cars, as people over here and in Germany do as well. And yes, it surely is to wonder what globalisation is able and not able to do.
Guess me son will mostly remind me about books. Please have you all a safe road and good Tuesday.

Dar said...

Love this old cars and old folks memories...not calling you old folk, by any mean, however. Dad was always a Chevy man, so it was hilarious when he stopped my son Dusty, who was driving a Ford at the time, just to ask him if he knew what Ford spelled backwards meant-
Now, Dusty usually had a quick come-back but was taken by surprise. No, what does it mean Grandpa? Dad quickly told him it meant, Dusty Returning On Foot, as he drove away. Dusty laugh
ed his heart out and still repeats that story today, in loving memory of his Gramps.
Thanks for stirring my heart.

Paula said...

Love to look at the old cars. Seems they had style back then. Stop me if I've told you this before. lol When we were young Mel knew a place where he could buy an almost new car that had been totaled by the insurance co. He knew how to fix it up, get all the dents out, anything that needed to be done and paint it. Then we would have a practially new car at a very reasonably price. It didn't happen over night.

shirl72 said...

I am behind commenting been busy and I am tired.
My first car was a 59 white Dodge with black fins. Loved that car it was a beauty. All cars look alike. I say why buy a BMW it looks like all other cars can't tell one from the other.
Didn't know about Ken. Heart Problems on both
side of our families. Eat right..stay healthy.


Kevyn said...

These cars are so cool! I got so attracted with the green one. It reminds me of my grandfather's vintage car that's still exists, up to now. He takes good care of his car, and that's what I also want to do with my car. Right now, I have a dodge van, and I regularly take it to the car shop to fix damages on it.