Friday, October 29, 2010

I have no idea!

Do you know anyone? Do you really know what is in a mind, other than your own? That is something that has confused humans forever.

I had a painter once who I thought was a great guy. I trusted him and thought everything was on the up and up. My son said “Dad he is a Crook”. I said,” no way.”
Later my Brother in law, Dick, said, “I agree with Mark, that man is a crook!” Again I said ,”No way!”
But within six months he proved to me HE WAS A CROOK. I had no idea he was thinking of beating me out of a good bit of money! BUT HE DID!

We have today an epidemic of youth suicides, wonder why. Today when kids have more than they ever had. When life is supposed to be so great, with so many freedoms, why? Why can’t we know in advance?
Because we are not mind readers. I am not paranoid. I do not think everybody I pass is going to go berserk and attack me. BUT, there are times that I wonder what is on someone’s mind?
When a person runs up a huge Credit Card bill, knowing they cannot pay it off, why would they do it? In the deep recesses of their mind, do they expect to win the lottery?

What is a person thinking who buys a chartreuse car? Probably it will be easy to spot in WAl-Mart Parking lot.
Ever lose your car in a parking lot? Sonny told me on once he walked around a grocery store parking lot so many times that another old man ‘read his mind’. Drove up and said. ‘get in, let’s drive around and find it.’ Sonny was about to report his car stolen when he realized he had driven his wife’s car. Maybe we don’t want to read some minds.
(I sure miss Sonny; we could pretty well read each other’s minds.)

If you could hear what everyone was thinking, you would be as confused as I am in a crowd of folks talking. You would have to be able to read minds selectively.
Has anyone ever asked you what was on your mind and you could not tell them because you had already forgotten when they asked? Or worse, you could not tell them because you were thinking of something not too complimentary about them?
Thanks for stopping by the log (I really mean that and I am thinking good thoughts tonight!)
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Aging: Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about
your age and start bragging about it.


Paula said...

Thoughtful blog. What was on your mind when you wrote this? Ole' Blue is easy to spot in the Wal*Mart paring lot. Ole' Blue is brilliant blue. There are getting to be more that color out here but it used to be there was only one or two more that bright color.

shirl72 said...

Thank goodness I now drive a car that I can click the unlock button and the light comes on and I can find my car. We are living in a
different world where we have to be alert at
all times. With aging creeping upon me it makes it a hard task. Life is confusing and I can hear.


betty said...

i think there are rashes of teen suicides because no one has hope in their lives these days and without hope, what do you have? and only true hope and peace and contentment can come only from Jesus

what bothers me is I get really good thoughts in the middle of the night, great blog entries, deep,insightful, etc and then lose it by morning.......

always glad I'm usually with hubby when we venture out so that he can find the car, not me!

stay safe this weekend! no pranks, okay?


Cher' Shots said...

another great posting by a thoughtful guy
'hugs from afar'

Sheila Y said...

I don't think I would want to read minds, might find out something I don't want to know...ha. Hope all of you have a great weekend.
PS. Don't wear your snow dance outfit to trick or treat in!!!

Daliana Pacuraru said...

Please have a great weekend!
...and don't try even think to read their minds!
Stay safe!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't think we ever truly know people at all. I try not to even dwell on that subject. There have been far too many surprises in my life on that subject. I think most of the time I have all I can do to keep track of my self. That is a job in it's self. Hope you all enjoy the weekend! It's a chilly one here for sure.

Anonymous said...

Great post Jack. now you be good this holloween and dont scare all the kids LOL

John and Doris

Fred Alton said...

Somebody or something trying to play tricks on your mind? Reminded me of that old radio program called "The Shadow". I can hear it coming through my head even as I type - "Hahahahahahah....who knows what enters into the hearts of man???? The Shadow kno oh ohs! Ehheheheheheheh"

Y said...

Richard is fond of saying that there's nothing so scary as too much freedom. I think that's what's wrong with most folks today.

Dar said...

Just posted about my absent-mindedness and lost the whole thing.....hate when that happens...stay safe.