Monday, October 4, 2010

The Tow vehicle

(last of the blog first pictures are lucky to be up at all, hahaha!) This is the front of the toad after the blow out. The fender is pulled loose and the black spot on the mirror is where the tire tread hit it and spun it around breaking the mirror base and glass. The black all around is where the tread slapped the body.

Not too bad though, considering it happened at 60-65 mph.

The pictures did not do as I requested, LOL that is news, huh?

We depend on the rear view camera to make sure the vehicle is still back there. We can also see if it is tracking properly, what we cannot see is the tires. We, like truckers, depend on passing cars and trucks to tell us we have a problem with the tires on the Toad (as it is called).

Today we had our first instance of tire problems on the Toad. I happened to catch a glimpse of glass flying from the passenger side of the Toad in my mirror. Quickly I pulled to the side as far as possible and investigated. The front driver's side tire had disintegrated. It tore the fender loose (which is plastic) and the glass I saw was the side mirror that the tire had taken out as it come apart. (If I can get the picture to load, it will be at the top)

This was taken from four roads up looking down at I-85 just North of Atlanta.

A look at Atlanta's skyline.

Every time we cross the Georgia stateline, we sing "Georgia, Georgia, Georgia's oonnnn myyyy mind." Singing along with an imaginary Ray Charles!!

While we lived at Arley, we cdrove down to Jasper, Georgia. We spotted something you seldom see, an antique Armoured Truck.

We are over nighting again way out in the woods. Competing with Clemson fans for a camp site. Clemson is just a stone's throw away, looks like we would have a better signal.

We are on the banks of Lake Hartwell, just inside the SC line. The blow out slowed us down so we will limp in tomorrow. It wasn't too bad. I already have some of the sheet metal work done and the black cleaned off most of the side. Doesn't look like it will need paint, definitely needs the mirror. At least two tires for the front. Don't want that again.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Cher' Shots said...

Wow, sure glad you guys *gal* are alright.
Cool armoured truck.
Four ROADS up ~ uh - no thank you! I'm such country bumpkin'.
"hugs from afar"

Paula said...

sorry you two had a bump in your road but I guess that is par for the course in anyone's life. glad no one was hurt.

betty said...

wow, you know I never thought a towed vehicle could get a blowout like this (but of course it is susceptible to blowouts since it is still rolling along, just hadn't ever thought of it, LOL; I need to get out more :)

I am soooo thankful you guys are okay and there was minimal damage that seems fixable. sorry it slowed you guys down a bit, but who knows what was ahead that could have slowed you guys down more and God allowed this to happen so you had to stop and rest a bit

so be safe!!


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

be safe always!i kn0w h0w hard to have tr0ubles while 0n the r0ad.keep writing s0 we will always kn0w y0u tw0 are always safe.

Fred Alton said...

I like those quotes about successful men! I also read that behind every successful man there is a woman saying, "It can't be done!" ☻ Sorry Sherry. That didn't include you and Frances. Ha.

What a mess when something like tires blow at the high speeds we travel these days. Looks like you are about re-paired and re-organized tho. Are you headed for NC before Biloxi?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It could have been worse I suppose. I'm thankful that you discovered the problem before more damage was done to the car. I hope today is a much better one for your trip. Sounds as though you are getting pretty close to your destination. Take good care !

Lucy said...

I am just glad you both are ok. To bad about the damage to the vehicle.

Ally Lifewithally said...

So glad you are both OK ~ Ally x

Amelia said...

Well I'm glad everyone is ok. And I like the picture of the Antique armored truck.


Anonymous said...

Nearly twenty past three in the morning, this surely woke me up. Glad you are all fine. The pictures of the roads look as if it would be easy to get lost.
Like your p.s.
Please have a good Wednesday and always a safe road ahead.

Y said...

What timing! To travel all those miles without a major mishap, and then to have to limp into home plate. You and your bride should come to Coker Creek this weekend. The other Jack Darnell will be signing books at The Autumn Gold Festival, and you can meet my Richard.