Saturday, October 30, 2010

Funny things happen!

When I was a kid I remember we used to see who could make the funniest faces.

But then, it was pull your eyes down with two fingers and push you nose up with the four finger of the other hand. But this guy below goes to the extreme, it even hurts me to see it.

I remember when I first learned to cross my eyes, mama said don't do that what if your face freezes. (I wonder if she really meant it?)

This guy might have won a ugly face contest!

Girls don't usually try to make the funny or ugly faces. I wonder sometimes if we might scare babies when we make funny faces and strange sounds.

I love it when kids start making funny faces.

I have been so frustrated at posting and commenting lately, I have made a few nasty faces.

Since this is near Halloween, some of these guys would not need to dress up! They could come as you are!

Thanks for coming this way for a _____ moment.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

After looking at those pictures, my face hurts!
Thanks for all the SMILES today

Bookncoffee said...

Wow my family is intrigued with that one's guys eyes! lol. Have a nice Halloween weekend, you two!

Paula said...

Ugh that guy with the eyes is scary. I don't think its safe to mess around with your parts like that. lol

Sheila Y said...

I hope none of those faces freeze...that one holding his eyes like that is a little scary...ha. Take care, Sheila

Anonymous said...

With the kid now nearly old enough to start doing this, I have to joy to live these moments every now and then.

Please have you all a good Sunday and Halloween.

~mel said...

Hey there lovebirds ~ I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween weekend. My Dear Hubby is further north ~ up by our cabin for the last 2 weeks for trapping season. Someone has to take care of those nasty beaver that keep flooding the area. I opted to stay home this time around and bake goodies for the trick or treaters and have some "me" time. I'm just not up to tramping all over the woods with Slim ~ I can't keep up like I use to... bum ticker and all.
The picture of the guy holding his eyes... way too freaky. Ohhhh... I couldn't even imagine even trying to do that! What would even make someone want to try that in the first place?? yuck

Anonymous said...

i agree the guy with his eyes was freaky i would not even try that.
Love you guys have a great day tomorrow
John and Doris

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Thanks f0r the smile my friends.happy haloween!

shirl72 said...

These people were already ugly without
making those faces. I wish their faces would
stay that way.


betty said...

with my luck if I did a scary or funny face, it would probably stay that way forever :)

the eye one was really so very interesting!!

be safe tomorrow!!


Fred Alton said...

Have mercy! Never seen such contorted faces before. LoL. I do remember as a child being told by the grown-ups, "Don't cross your eyes that way. Your face may freeze in that position!"

Dar said...

That first fella surely must be a boxer...with some serious contortion. Also the eye-guy......good grief, he must even have scared his mother.
BlessYourHearts and StaySafe
A Spooklishous Halloween to YouBoth