Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Funeral

Helen who should be tired tonight!!!

Below is Edna, another of the daughter in laws.

I don't know How Mike his lovely daughter and wife got in here. Mike is Helen's Son and is just a great guy with a good family. I missed his sister Sheila, who is also top drawer.

This is Johathan his wife along with Cindy, his mother and also the otehr Daughter in law. These girls have been a blessing and a great help to Ruth.

Here is Shirl and Smoky, I did get upset at some of te family who thought I was older than Shirl.

Our contribution to the crown, Josh, Jack (our Son), and Steve. They were fantastic.

Ruth was buried today. The family was there in force. We are not a real close family for get-togethers but use funerals as our social time. We all knew Ruth would understand because she also used funerals as a time for family.
Jack and his two sons (Steve and Joshua) sang 'Peace in the Valley' (family request) and also Beulah Land. they sang them both as a Trio and were fabulous. Jack assisted in the funeral, made a few comments and prayed. He did great. He used the Love chapter in Corinthians (13) and in the place of Love he slipped in Ruth mostly. It was neat.
All went well, I did use the information Mel sent by henry van Dyke. Everyone loved it.
Thanks for your support, it has been 40-50 years since I handled a funeral. I knew it would be hard to keep from doing a little tear time, but I made it all the way to the final prayer, and sorta lost it when I asked the Lord to take good care of her until we got there.

We had some good family time afterwards.

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I did mention you guys and how you had sent condolences. I also made it plain up front that the service was a memorial to Ruth, as well as a tribute to the daughter in laws and especially Helen, for all their support since the deaths of their husbands.


Paula said...

Seems it was a wonderful service and nice tribute.

betty said...

it did seem like a wonderful service and a great honor for Ruth


Cher' Shots said...

Now is the time to enjoy the 'fragrance of memories.'
Holding you up in prayer. "hugs from afar"

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our family is much the same. We tell stories of times past that were good and celebrate the life of our loved ones.

Fred Alton said...

In times of crisis the family brings us strength and comfort more than anyone else. That's a great picture of Jack and the boys. Sounds like you have a son who is a spiritual leader.

Y said...

You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. Your Joy in Jesus and in your family and the other blessings in your life, make you and you writing some of my life's treasures.

~mel said...

I think it's the same with many families ~ that they gather together at weddings and funerals. They may not see each other for years; but at these two events seem to be the gathering place... which is good. I think it's wonderful to be able to have family to share your past with.. and like Fred says "family brings us strength and comfort". It sounds like Ruth had a nice memorial service... and wonderful tribute to the daughter inlaws. You and Sherry are blessed to have such caring and grateful people in your lives. LOVE YA!

Lucy said...

So nice she still had family that truly loved her. I can only hope I will have enough family left to show how much she will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Oh !

Much respect upon this entry of yours. Please have you all a peacefull and fine Friday.

shirl72 said...

Brother you did a good job handling the Funeral.
Jack, Jr. and the Twins were good doing the
singing the harmony was wonderful. You fulfilled Ruth's wish by handling her Service.