Friday, October 22, 2010

Just monkeying around

I just finished My second James Patterson book in a week. ‘7th Heaven’ and ‘Step on a Crack’. Both good of course, but ‘Step on a Crack’ is great, what a twist in the end!
Now for tonight’s exciting entry!!!

Last evening Sherry and I had dinner with our Super Grand Daughter, Reececup (Sherece). Well we actually did not have dinner with her per-sey, but we ate where she works her second job. She has a part time job working at the grill at the local Bowling alley. Some nights she is our waitress, tonight she was our cook. Did a great job too!

She is known for the Yellow VW Bug she drives. A few weeks ago she and a neighbor were backing out of their drives going to work and had a little mis-hap. Her VW was scratched and broke the head light. Let me tell you folks, head lights are not the same as they were a few years ago. Instead of $5, A head light now can run into the hundreds of dollars (but if it is your favorite granddaughter! Shucks!).
Fortunately we found one on the internet at a good price. It should be in, in the next few days and we can get her wounded VW looking spiffy again.

I made a mistake on here a few weeks ago myself. I made a statement about Reece’s mom that I should not have made. I let my fingers run wild and said that I was surprised she did not fight for the kids more during the divorce. My values are old, and I made a judgment call I should not have made. As I said then, She was the daughter we never had. WE love her very much. She was (is) a wonderful caring mother to her three children. So for the ones here who do not know C, please do not get the wrong idea, I still respect her as a mom and mother. If you know her, you know I owe her an apology.

Life ain’t funny sometimes, and even though our life (Sherry & I) is nearly perfect, when the family is out of whack, we are sorta out of whack too.

As I say a lot of times, when I am around our hometown I want to fix too many things, I stick my nose in where it should not be, only because ‘Father Knows Best’. Remember that program? It was never the father who knew best, but that subtle mother!! Okay girls, I give up. WE all know that behind every man is a woman with a rolling pin saying, mess up one more time buddy and it is WHAM! (not bam thank you mam!)
Nite Shipslog (thanks for reading this drivel)
PS: Margaret Thatcher: "The trouble with Socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people's money." (women)


Paula said...

Reececup's little car sounds soooo cute and I'm sure she is too. As for what you're talking about I must have missed that one so I'll keep my typing finger still. Where ever did you find all those cute monkeys?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too missed that one, but we all have that foot in mouth disease at one time or the other. I try to keep mine shut most of the time but have been known to open it when I shouldn't have.

betty said...

sounds like a fun way to spend an evening at the bowling alley eating Sherece's food! too bad about the mishap with her vehicle, but glad you could be there to help "make it right" again :)


~mel said...

We still love you! I told Sam what you said about "don't do that again" and he laughed and said, "I like him. He's a pretty cool old guy and he's alright in my book." So there... it's official ~ you're alright in my book too.

What's up with the monkeys??? Lost relatives, from a former life, you haven't told us about???

Dad backed into our trucks tail light a few years back. He said ~ well I'll just give you 10 bucks... that should take care of it. I never told him; but it cost us 90 bucks to get it replaced. Yep... those things aren't cheap.
That was nice of you to help out your Grandlove with her Bug.

Lucy said...

If her mom knows you at all I know she will accept your apologies. As I learned through blogging it is so easy to say something the wrong way or to jump to conclusion. Joe says our bulbs that go in our old Taurus are not bad but he doesn't know about the glass. He says he will be extra careful and me to since I read him.