Monday, October 18, 2010

Races and names (And some accents)

A trip out to the Southwest will open the eyes of most folks concerning races. I have said many times growing up in the South, I only knew two types of people, colored and white. Then it was Negro and White, and now Black and white. I have no problem calling folks what they want to be called whether it is race or their name. Many folks change their names as they mature. When I was little everyone called me Jackie, I hated it. As time went on I became known as Jack. I like it better. So I like to call a person what they want to be called.

When I joined the service at the young age of 17 and a day, I was whisked off and placed with 70 men from all over the country. I found out some folk talked much different than I, and the folks back in Belmont. I had lived amongst the Waldensians (Italians) in Valdese, and I was named (second name) after a Jewish man named Leon Schneider. BUT I only looked at them as white and they also had no distinguishable accent to set them apart. BUT in boot camp I found out there were New Yorkers. New York Polish, NY Jewish, NY Italians and NY black folk. They all talked different than I did. Some even had the nerve to make fun of how I ‘tawlked’. Then there were folks from Alabama and South Georgia who even’ tawlked’ funnier than I did.

I met Dallas Fletcher, Pennsylvania Dutch, and he talked different also. But Dallas and I had something in common; we had girls back home that we were madly in love with, and couldn’t wait to get married! . With something in common we struck up a friendship that has lasted until this day. We did marry those girls and we four are still writing friends and are still married. (But he still talks funny! hahahahaha!)

Many of the folks down south (and other parts of the country) do not realize that we have millions of American Hispanic Citizens who are as fiercely AMERICAN, as we ‘white’ folk are. They are religious and family oriented. I just hate that they are mistaken for illegal’s sometime, but I don’t know what can be done to prevent that. I have no problem showing identification and I hope all law abiding folks do not mind.
I think all Americans are for immigration. When a person enters our country according to our present laws, but entering illegally is another matter.

We have just learned that President Obama could not get a driver’s license in Florida. We just received a letter with a list of 20 documents, of which we have to bring 5 to the DMV to renew our driver’s license. One of those required is a Birth Certificate.
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Fred Alton said...

Jack, you are one of those gregarious souls who has the capacity to see beneath the surface of a persons skin. To you, People are people, whatever their race, creed, or color. I like to think that I was always that way too. I delighted in the challenge of making new friends whether they were "Crackers" from Florida or "Hillbillies" from Tennessee or "Bug Lovers" from Louisiana. I think that our lives are enriched by these experiences. Yes, I've lived in Guyana, S. America and in Africa - and even among the people there I see many differences between them. Makes me believe that whoever said, "Variety is the spice of life" knew what they were talking about. Thanks for the thought provoking post. Acts 17:26 "And (God) hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;"

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

I just love y0ur post,kn0wing that race,accent or c0lors d0esn't really matter to y0u..and am lucky to kn0w 0ne great pers0n like y0u.
Be safe always...


shirl72 said...

Jack I remember the song we would sing in Sunday
School Jesus loves the little Children, all the Children of the World Red, Yellow, Black or
White they are precious in his sight Jesus loves
all the Children in the World. We are all equal
in his sight, but as you said some talk funny.


betty said...

LOL about the birth certificate and our present president. Here in California, birth certificate of course and if you are married, the wife (discriminatory if you ask me) has to bring her marriage certificate (obviously because of the name she took when she got married).

I'm with you, Jack; come to this country legally.

in my line of work, I hear all kinds of accents from this country and others that came to this country to work. A mixed bag some times.


Monica said...

If the majority of us were to trace our roots, we would all realize that our families were at one time an immigrant. My mom was from Mexico - came here legally and wouldn't marry my dad until she was legal on her own.

I always love listening to the different accents. Though I always claim to have none, I imagine others might think differently. =)

Now I'm wondering what they will want from me when I renew my license. I don't remember taking in anything last time I had to renew.

Lucy said...

I agree with all you said above. I spoke with one person who we have all read her blog and commented and me from Ne. Have had southern accent but never one as strong as the dear person who called and wished me a Happy Birthday last year. She is one sweet lady and I love her accent. Now I don't know if Jack, you would think she was sweet or full of mischief.