Sunday, October 24, 2010

Living the Dream??

And then there was the Edsel, who can forget that. The rest of the pictures are from a Woody collection Paula sent me. (Oh someone asked about the monkey's I used, I used them just for the expressions (coulda been family members, mama never told me everything!)

We had a visit from a friend today. Greg Cline was the last Real Estate Agent I used. We were together for many years. After answering his questions of where we had been, we began to talk shop. He has his own agency now. He was telling me of a new development he and his step father had started. He went over the things he had problems with the local City Council about. He was with me when I attempted to build a housing development on land bordering just 50 feet from where our motor home sits. After sinking a bucket of money in the project I gave up and built houses on the one paved road that bordered the land.

Sherry and I saw that new development and were wondering whose it was when we went to a Yard Sale near it. He has two houses built, they are up scale. He has had 350 prospective buyers look at the houses, and has not had one offer. (When I was in business we could count on a sale after showing a house to between 15&25 prospects.) His inventory is the largest it has ever been, I can imagine.

The housing industry recovery will take a back seat for at least 10 years around here; there are empty lots everywhere and new empty houses, condos and townhouses flooding the market, very few buyers.
Greg is from a wealthy family, they have the money to invest, but he is a worker. I always admired him for that.

One of these days I will realize I am too old to think of building anymore, and continue to remember what Greg said today, “I see you are still living the dream!”

There are times when family situations and problems cause me to forget for a little while, but when someone reminds me, I begin to feel good again. While eating with Reece the other night, Charlie Martin, a city Councilman, came in with his wife, saw us and wanted an update. Reece had graduated with his daughter or grand daughter. (sometimes small towns are nice)

I am asked continually, when is the next book coming out? I am a person with a one track mind. I have two books in the planning stages but nothing firm. I will wait for the winter and get back to work I cannot concentrate enough to do a book justice here.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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The mind needs exercise, just like the body. That's why I'm thinking about jogging.
Cousin Ken Herron, who wrote the article I used on the blog a couple days ago, spent a day or so in the hospital with his heart. Put in a good word for him with the Lord.


Paula said...

Sure will say a prayer for your cousin and hope you and Sherry are having a nice Sunday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are living your dream. How wonderful it must be too. Just like me and retirement, I love it but the regular life stuff still happens. And we can't ignore it so we deal with it. As long as we are still kicking there will always be something. There is lots of empty homes around here and very little if any building going on. I do hope improvement come sooner than 10 years.

Sheila Y said...

Hope You and Sherry are having a nice Sunday. It is a daunting task trying to sell a home. We have one for sell too. Just have to keep praying it will sell soon. Take care, Sheila

betty said...

that was interesting about the housing development of your friend's, Jack. so many empty lots and half finished projects here plus, of course, tons of foreclosures and houses for sell. I think it will take a very long time for the housing market to recover here

enjoyed the pictures of the cars :)

hope you and Sherry had a nice Sunday!


Anonymous said...

It is said, that only what can be dreamed of, is able to become a reality.

A safe and good start into the new week for you all.

Lucy said...

Joe is the same as far as the model and even names of the new cars. I was driving a Buick special about a month after Marty's dad died and I was stopped at a red light a block from home and a drunk and I mean areal drunk hit me with his rear quarter panel, he had the brakes on and was coming sideways when he totaled my Buick Special. Another observation, my dad never learned to drive. My brother would stop at a red light and dad would always say"whoa".