Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grand dogs and not our kittens.

What are the kittens doing here? We are grand dogs! Well first our apology to Miss Kitty up in the mountains and to Pickle in Kentucky, If these are kin, let me know.

Commenting now takes twice as long for some reason. Most times I must give it at least two tries and sometimes three. I have started copying my comment and coming back to paste it again when it is lost. The very time I forget to do this I get the message ‘Service is not available, try again later!!!’ and I nearly say a bad word. Uh oh, Sherry says, ‘you do say a bad word’. Okay I might!

(What are those black things up there? Dogs?)

I was born 70 years too early I guess. Mama wasted a lot of time patching my pants. To think I would have been in style with the holes in my jeans. It doesn’t matter where the hole is either. Some men and boys have holes near their zippers and call it a ‘quick-leak’ hole. It is unbelievable how many hours my mama sewed to keep me from looking ragged, hahaha.

(I lost my teton)

Sherry goes to bed before me most nights. I get to go back and tuck her in and take advantage of my position (HA!). Of course I always tell her I love her and how beautiful she is, but last night we also discussed how fortunate we both are to like this motor home we live in

(I like to play too!)

. It is large for a motor home (8x38.5 with two slide-outs) but small for a house. Both of us are comfortable with the size, all we need is a living room, kitchen, bath and bedroom. Size, in this case, doesn’t matter.

(Too funny at your age!)

Anyway, we are comfortable, and still have time and room for some ‘stuff’. I have Sherry and my remote control truck Buddy gave me, to play with. She has me and her computer to play with. Haha (I think she prefers the computer, but a guy can’t have everything!)

We both love to read, and that doesn’t take much space. Hahahaha

(And you thought your twins were rough!)

I am working on a Greg Isles book now, ‘The Devil’s Punch Bowl’, she is reading a book Jack loaned her called ‘The Abolition of Hell’ by Bob Evely. Side note, I just noticed that his book cover curls like mine. My printer is working on that problem, but as of yet has not fixed it. I do apologize to all who bought my books for that problem.
Thanks for droppin by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Ever wonder about those people who spend $2.00 a piece on those
little bottles of Evian water?
Try spelling Evian backwards: NAÏVE

I just read where the bottlewater craze is dying a little.
(PS2: I am having trouble with editing the post, I hope it getsbetter tomorrow!)


Paula said...

Good morning Jack and Sherry: It really is a good thing that you both enjoy the same things. It would be miserable if one of you didn't like to travel and live in that smaller space.

Lucy said...

You 2 , I must ask this, do you ever argue?? You 2 love birds seem so happy.. Jack your entries are never boring. Plus they are cute kitties but Spunky doesn't like them at all, so no cats and dread the few times one has came in the yard with Spunky out.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Good Evening Jack and Sherry your living conditions sound to be just perfect ~ It is so good that you get on so well together ~
I loved the pictures of the Cats and Kittens ~ Ally x

Ally Lifewithally said...

PS It is 6.30pm here in the UK ~ I see we are about 8 hours ahead of you !!!!!! Ally x

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hey...Jack & Sherry...MissKitty here!!

They could be brothers or sisters....Don't know for sure...i'm adopted....


Anonymous said...

Jack, I have the same comment problem. It is frustrating to say the least. I copy and paste all the time as you do. Could we sponser a petition and see if Google will respond?
Great blog today by the way,

Fred Alton said...

Enjoyed this post as I do all of your writings. We flew to NY (left Thursday and made it as far as the Ramada In in ATL) Flew into Syracuse Friday, then Sat and Sun with Tabitha and her husband and their two little ones. Also had about half a day with their oldest who recently was married. Frances made it there and back in much better shape than I anticipated. Thank God for that. Thanks for your prayers.

Debbie said...

I've only left a comment on blogs twice in the past 2 months for that very reason, it takes me at least 3 tries before the comment will publish if it does at all. Very frustrating! I'm sorry to hear that you and others are having the same problem. I'm also still having problems viewing pictures on blogs. I know my blogging friends think I've abandoned them but I do try to at least read the blog entries daily if I can. I haven't even written in my blog in over a month because I had so many problems the last couple entries I wrote. Not fun at all!

But I have to say...

I got a good chuckle outta Sherry preferring the computer..Jack you crack me up! HAHAHAHAHA!

Love ya'll

PS: I'm gonna copy & paste this comment just in case. Thanks for the tip didn't even think about doing that.

shirl72 said...

This is the third time I have tried and it leaves
the screen.

I just said I was trying to figure out why I
had so much stuff. Decisions, Decisions are
hard to make what I want and what to get rid
give away. It taxes my brain.


betty said...

LOL about the holes in the pants! and they charge good money for holes in pants too! sometimes a pair of jeans with holes is over $100 here! Ridiculous!!

it is neat that you and Sherry have found the perfect home for you at this season in your life. Really, I could easily do it (well in a few years when I stop working) But I think getting up and traveling around would be a great lifestyle!

weird about the commenting issues you have; haven't experienced those, just get irritated on those I have to do word verification for, sometimes my hands are on the wrong keys and very frustrating to have to do it again


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had such a hard time commenting yesterday I had to finally give up but I think it is working fine today. You two are so blessed with your home and the things you enjoy together. Just had to stop by and say hello today.