Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vacationing in Arley, Alabama???

Tomorrow we are ont he road again, but in case you had decided to come to Arley on vacation, here are the facts. Arley is a small but growing town in Alabama. Growth is not like a rocket but there is growth. In 2000 there was 290 souls here. Recorded in 2005 there was a whopping 321 here. So as you can see we have growth.
Hispanic is supposed to be 1.9% of that, they are growing they now have a Mexican restaurant ‘Down Town’.
I’m not really making fun, I love very small towns. It must be nice to know everyone in town. But then that could be a drawback also. Sherry was born in Belmont, NC, which was a much larger town, about 4,000, when she was born, and it seems she and her brother knows everyone in town who was in school back then.

Also got to be careful who you say what to, if it is negative, ‘cause you are probably talking to a cousin or something. LOL. Lot of good things to say about small towns, lot more good than bad. Of course the distance to a real town makes a difference. We don’t like to get more than ten miles from a WAL-MART.
WE lived in one small community called High Shoals, probably smaller than Arley. But I was about 4 or 5 then. Shirley was already in school.
Valdese, NC was the smallest town we lived in, the pop there was probably about 5000.

Most of the towns/cities we lived in when I was a kid was supported by the Textile industry, or cotton mills, in local terms. What do the thousands of folks do now, that used to work in Cotton and Hosiery mills?
Amazing, ain’t it?
Nite shipslog,

Some folks cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you've enjoyed a day of rest before hitting the road again. As always I'm praying for safe travels for you. Small towns are wonderful.

Paula said...

Yes it pays not to say anything about anyone here because you can get surprised as to who is kin to whom. We are really getting an oil boom here now as something about they learned how to drill through shale. We have a new three story motel and they say it is full all time. Now they are building another in front of that one. Now we could use some good restaurants other then fast food.

betty said...

I think we have 5000 people just in our neighborhood (LOL). I often wonder what kids in small towns do on summer vacation, but perhaps they have the best of them because they can go out and be kids without having to worry (too) much about their safety. be careful out there on the road!


Anonymous said...

Living in a 3million plus city makes one indeed long for such a place. Back home it took me three minutes to see cows and horses, trees and if lucky a fox, deer as well ...

Thank you for these memories. Please have a good start into the new week.

shirl72 said...

When I moved to Belmont 3 years ago. My brother
Jack drew up a contract and made me prick my
finger and sign it in blood that I would keep
my mouth shut because everybody was kin. When we
were coming down the street to my new
home I said that person needs to clean his yard
up that was when the contract papers came up.
That was the Minister's uncle and where the grandson does the music at his Church. So that is wny my mouth must be zipped up. LOL LOL
Brother I am doing my best to be good. HEE HEE


Fred Alton said...

Jack, I was gonna say, you are close to Smith Lake, if not, then you are on the lake. It's reputed to be a great fishing lake so a perfect place to try your skills.

I love living in a small town like that. I don't need to go to Wal-mart but once a month. If I need anything in between store visits I can always borrow it from an Uncle or a Cousin. ☻ Or the Minister's Uncle - as in Shirl's case! Too, you have to learn to introduce any negative statement with the words, "Well, bless his/her heart, but..."

Lindie said...

The smallest town I have lived in was Rudolph, WI and it was well under 400, back then. When I started selling real estate, 25 years ago, Oak Grove, MO was under 4000 and I was warned that everyone was related or best buddies and not to gossip! Now it is over 7000 and the old timers are bewildered by all the new residents!

Lucy said...

How about a farm between Eagle, pop 160 and Palmyra , pop. 130. wasn't anyone to talk to so could not get in trouble. Of course being the perfect angel that I was it would have never happened anyway.

Woody said...

My hometown of Edwards New York has 440 people, my senior graduating class had 24 people in it.
Most of the buildings are gone, the school has been torn down that I attended, it was Grades K thru 8th and had about 20 students, No indoor plumbing, wood stove in middle of room. Ahhh, the good old days!!