Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hawk, local

When I was a Teen ager this was my dream car. the 1934 Ford Coupe. Some will recognize the '34 from the cover of the book Rags. Bud Coren had one for sale for $50 and I could not get it.

As some of you know we are here in Belmont to help Mark sell his house. I have been here for two prospective buyers. One of the first things I tell them is that three males live here with one dog. That explains some things. LOL
I hate to see the home leave the family. It has been home for Sherece, Matt and Luke for a few years. I know the boys hate to see it go. They have a go cart track and trails through the woods and the pool out back. BUT that is life and the economy now. I could give a few more reasons but we all know some folks do not always handle life changes well, and Mark has not!

Anyway, things are shaping up around here and we are getting ready for our next short two week trip to Biloxi, Miss for a reunion. We attended a church there and it was like family. We are looking forward to it. That is where we met Fred Alton B., he wasn’t always ‘Somebody’, cause we lived in a trailer park as neighbors (LOL). Fred and Frances are not going to be able to make it down and everyone will miss them.
Before that I am going to the Dr. to see if my ears can be helped any.

OH, and on a personal note, Sherry and I got the awning fixed that has been torn since our stop in Detroit. In the next few days I hope to attempt a windshield repair. Never done it before. NEXT: the Biggie, replacing the heater coil. But that is down the road, possibly in Florida.

We were surprised this morning by our local Hawk making an appearance just outside the motor home. I love Eagles and Hawks, Raptors they are. I love to see this one fly right into the dense woods, it looks like it would collide with something.

We went to a couple yard sales and had breakfast out in the morning then more work in store for tomorrow. Life is good. We had breakfast with Sherry’s brother, Vernon, he is a card and local entertainer.
Take care and thanks for reading the log.

Nite Shipslog
PS: Yes Paula, they still make the wide white walls for collectors cars, but the price has went up from $12. LOL. And just a note. Fred’s daughter commented on the Blog, Thanks! yeah, you are the favorite one!!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I loved seeing the hawk there by your place. I see a lot of them when traveling in the country here but none so up close. I never made it out of the house but I should have. It's warmer out and looked like rain so I stayed in. It never did rain though. Your next couple of trips will be where it is warmer...guess you won't really need a heater coil.

Sheila Y said...

Are you trying to get out of town before the ghosts and goblins get there? Sounds like you and Sherry had a good day today, hope it doesn't get to cool for you..
Take care,

Anonymous said...

It might be a promise in the making, seeing such a bird; always two hands full of air beneath your all wings.

Paula said...

I remember that Ford from you book. It is sooo pretty. I've always wished I had an old car to drive around on Sundays. Oh and I don't think I better take John's cows to auction. He is in Virginia now with his only brother left.

betty said...

love hawks! I have a story about them some day I may share, but whenever I see one, I know its a message to me from God (same with falcons)

change is hard, especially selling a home where kids grow up and called "home". But sometimes change as hard as it can be is a good thing for all, although it might take a while for people to realize it. I hope it sells quickly for a good price


Jimmy's Journal said...

Everyone, but everyone, in my day and neighborhood wanted a '34 Ford coupe to customize. It was quite the rage and I still think they're neat!

Cool hawk! I love raptors, as well. Great post Jack!


Ally Lifewithally said...

I would just love a car like that ~ I have got a Ford but it is a modern one and not half so good looking as your one ~ Ally x