Friday, October 1, 2010

No time for a title

We are still in Arley, AL. The signal comes and goes. I have tried four times to make the entry. This time I am writing off line so if I lose it I can copy and paste it.

Last night we met with a wonderful young couple I met on another forum. The man goes by the pen name of ‘Poimen’, that alone is interesting. He and his beautiful wife have three delightful daughters. After dinner I was presented with pictures they had drawn with crayons. I always get a kick out of these and have a file full of children’s drawings. Actually two show very much promise in art.

We had a short time together. They are a dedicated couple. He is a young minister. It is a delight to meet good folk, it reflects my feelings that there are some wonderful folk in this world.
It is such a pleasure to list in our minds the great folks we have met on this trip alone. I know everyone has their lives to live. Friends, jobs and families. We are so pleased when someone takes the time to share an evening with us.

It is extremely windy here, but it is also relaxing. We are on Smith lake, out in the woods from ARley, AL.
Take care and thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Ships log.
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betty said...

sounds like a special evening for you and Sherry, Jack! always enjoy seeing the "art work" of our youth!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was windy here the past 2 days but this morning seems quiet, although we are expecting some rain. There are lots of good folks in this world and it's great to hear about them too. I hope your Saturday is a good one!

Bookncoffee said...

Wow!!! You have been on the move since we last posted on one another's blog. Did you come thru Tennessee and wave? You are in my part of the country now! lol

Have a great time in Alabama.

Rose said...

Sounds like you met a lovely family and enjoyed a great evening.

Where are you heading next?

Hugs, Rose

shirl72 said...

We have a student minister doing his internship
at our Church. They are a delightful couple with
two boys. Sheila did her rain dance so we finally
got rain for two days. It is cool at night but during the day we are in the 70's. Sounds
like you are in a place to rest. Hope to C U S.


Lucy said...

I wish I could be surrounded by people like that instead of a hoarder, alcoholic behind us and alcoholic next door and the hoarder extends to the property next door. I still may get more if that balance problem solved. Every 2 weeks I will be checked until they decide what to do. I do go slow. Relax you to and get ready for the trio home. Sheila had good luck mwith her rain dance, probably some think to much. Maybe she will do snow dances for you at Christmas.

Sheila Y said...

Well I am used to putting so much energy into snow dances for South Alabama that it proved too much for a rain dance...I will have to tone it down some for here since the chance of snow is greater... :) I wouldn't want it to snow so heavy that Lucy and Joe's house gets covered completely out in Nebraska. Enjoy your rest in Arley, Sheila