Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WE are in North Carolina, OUT TRIP IN RETRO


Our trip in a nut shell. We were on the Road 84 days. We visited 22 states and traveled 10,937 miles.

We met some wonderful folks and shared some fantastic times. We saw some beautiful sights. Some of the folks were met for the first time. Some were renewed acquaintances and some were even kin. LIKE BEN & ELSIE MAE, COREY, HOWARD & AUNT AGGIE. AND DID I MENTION ELSIE MAE?

In all the miles we had a little trouble to speak of: Two wind storms where we lost an awning and warped a door and two tire incidents. Nothing that called a halt to our odyssey.

We just wanted to report that this was probably the most rewarding trip we have made around the USA. Off the top of my head I will not start naming names, I will do that when I have had a chance to make sure I get it right.
Regrets, yes two or three. We missed seeing Lucy and Joe, plans just did not work out. I missed going to Mexico and getting some dental work done because of the unrest and killings (26,000 murders in the last few years!!!)

We headed home a little sooner than planned and missed San Antonio, one of our favorite places in the USA. Also there we had hoped to meet Paula’s turtles and kiss Shelly Marie!!!!

We are back in Belmont. We passed Shirl as we were driving in and she came down to see us and we had a good visit.

Tonight we are making reservations for our next trip in three weeks.
Thanks for sharing our trip with us.

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betty said...

love that you already have reservations for your next trip! those are some pretty impressive statistics to travel those many miles in those short of days plus the sight seeing and visiting you did along the way! so glad you guys had an enjoyable trip and got to see Elsie Mae!!


Fred Alton said...

Jack and Sherry, so glad to hear that you are safely home again. Perhaps you can now get some rest before you're off to the south. Frances and I are flying up to Tabitha's in Watertown on the 22nd for the week-end. Pray for her to have strength. This is a first.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That was a wonderful trip and considering all the miles you put on the small incidents are trivial. I hope you are staying warm and can enjoy some beautiful fall weather before heading south. It's raining here for the 5th day in a row. They do say the weekend will be beautiful in the 70's and sunny for us. I'll be in my camper in the woods then so it should be wonderful!

~mel said...

Phew!! Those are some statistics you got there ~ and I'm SO GLAD I was one of them!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you two lovebirds. You remind me of birds in migration. You came up north by me for a visit; but had to head it south again before the big chill. Seriously, it was SUCH A PLEASURE to meet in person and you will NEVER be forgotten.

Yes, Jack, it's true... you impressed me. Why??? I'm still trying to figure that out!

I figured if Sherry could put up with you after all these years I could put up with you for a short visit. JUST KIDDING!!!! I LOVED our time together and I wish it had been longer. And if anyone ever says you can't meet true friends over the internet ~ send them my way ~ I'll set them straight!

Just a note... Slim got his bear today! Nothing big and monstrous; but it's meat on the table... for him and Sam anyways... I don't care for it that much... although the sausage that he made last year wasn't too bad.

Paula said...

I saw the turtles this morning and they say "HI".

shirl72 said...

I can't believe I saw you at the Stop Light on
Park St. as you were just arriving back into town.I Knew it had to be you we don't have many
Motor Homes passing through town. Like I said it is a small world and getting smaller. Glad you are home for awhile. We will try to make it pleasant. You may have to leave town for another rest.


Anonymous said...

No place like home indeed. Of great joy to travel with you through time and space. Thank you for all the effort very much. Please have a wonderful Thursday and a safe road ahead.

Lucy said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful trip aside from the mishaps. That is good news. Now if I was home I would stay put. I always loved to go but was glad to be home. You 2 will always have a wander lust. Enjoy

Sheila Y said...

Welcome back to NC. Sorry you had to come back sooner than planned but glad that you had a wonderful trip and met up with a lot of people. Take care and don't let them work you too hard there in Belmont..Sheila