Thursday, October 21, 2010

Closed Caption

Remember the early TV? My brother Odis brought one home from New YOrk when he was driving a truck. Ruth and the kids had a ball watching the little thing.

I Love LUCY was s fixture for years. BTW Lucy comments here!!

Funny thing happened last night. Son Mark asked Sherry to tell me to come out and watch TV, he had closed caption. True he did. I settled down with Mark, MJ (dog) and Luke. funny thing is the TV is on, of course the volume is up, I can’t understand it but it is there. I can read most of the closed caption, well enough to know what is going on, BUT THEN when the boys say something to me I can’t understand then so it takes a repeat of three or four times, by that time I am behind on the closed caption, and am frustrated a little. I didn’t last too long and made my exit.
I consider myself fortunate that I can understand Sherry (one on one) in the motor home. Going down the road it is a little tough.

Sign language? Do you realize how limited the field is for me to run into someone who signs. Not even considering how difficult it is for a 70+ yr old man to learn? Mark mentioned that, I asked if he would learn it to talk to me, different when the shoe is on the other foot.

I admire Ora, of A little corner of my World. Has a hearing problem. In a visit with her we discussed our common problem. She is a tough lady and handles it well (Of course Mixon, a prince of a man, helps her also, like Sherry does me.)
I appreciate closed caption on a screen, I can’t keep up, but it is worth the effort.
We all have our problems, some have arthritis, some have a speech impediment, some ache just because of age, there are those who have a disease that will put them in the grave. There are mental disorders (we all joke about) that keep them from really enjoying life. So I say at least wrinkles and the hearing loss doesn’t HURT, and are not life threatening, unless I miss the train whistle, LOL.
Life is good. I sit here and read good stuff, interesting stuff, funny stuff and some of it is just your normal everyday happenings, but I can read it. Over all in life I have no complaints. I have worked hard, long hours, like many others. Some of them paid off, others didn’t. In the military an 18-24 hour day paid the same as an 8 hour day. An 8 day week was the same as a three day week. Ha!
But when I got into construction, normally the longer I worked, the more I earned. I have always loved work (that is probably a mental disorder we won’t discuss).
Thanks for coming this way.
NIte Shipslog

If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.


Anonymous said...

About six years since last I sat me down to watch TV, but that's probably due to the place ... thank you for reminding me of this important sense.

Please have you all a peaceful Friday.

Paula said...

John depends on me so much I wonder how he is doing on his trip. You might add low platelets and white blood cells to that list. I wanted to get so much done this week and overdid it Sunday and now I'm so weak about all I'm doing is eating and sleeping. At least I can finally comment in the blogs I like you and Lucy and several more.

shirl72 said...

Brother I am glad you can read. I use to like
hard work but age has slowed me down and that is
OK. You are right behind me. A few years makes
a big difference.


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Y0u kn0w that's why I love y0u jack because there are certain things I believed I could learn fr0m y0u and that is the best thing in the blogging w0rld-to meet souls that are high in spirit and full of courage...age is n0t a pr0blem as l0ng as y0u can read and write hearing w0n't be a pr0blem..takecare always,God bless y0u and sherry!

it's your birthday lightbluelife the secret of existence

betty said...

I read the closed caption at the gym when I'm exercising if I forget my iPod. I find with the news closed caption, they are always a bit behind what the newscaster is saying and then when they go to a commercial, I miss some of the story. It is also interesting to see the typos in the closed caption at least for the news.

I think sign language is a beautiful language to speak, I watch a woman at church sing through signing and am mesmerized by it, so graceful movements.

I think as long as you and Sherry can communicate, that is a pretty good thing!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We just never know how valuable something is until we loose it. I've heard that when we loose one of our abilities the others become stronger. So far I've lost a little hearing but for the most part still hear the biggest part. I often think I've selective hearing, choosing to hear what I want. Other times I know that It isn't as good as it used to be. Aging isn't always fun for sure. Still I count my blessings and like you, make do.

Rose said...

I would definitely learn how to sign to have a conversation with you!

Blogger must be great for you.

Hugs, Rose

Favorite One said...

I LOVE visiting your blog! You always have a positive spin on things that affect all of us in one way or another. And, you make me laugh!

Regarding not hearing - you can also count it as a blessing. You cannot hear someone gripe at you, you cannot hear "trash" on TV, etc. As my daddy says - sometimes your burdens are your blessings. :-)

Lucy said...

rs her. His is hereditary I was just thinking about you and Sherry and communicating with her. My oldest living
son has had a hearing problem since he was 16 and he wears hearing aids but his wife can talk in a normal tone of voice and he hears her. I think it is the togetherness that makes it work.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Wouldn't it be great if they taught sign language in schools ~ it would be such an asset for the children ~ Hope you are OK ~ Ally x

Y said...

Richard can't hear me, but maybe that's why he still loves me.