Monday, December 26, 2011

About Nothing much & The Villages

Florida is a great place to relax and walk most of the winter. It gets a little cool here in central Florida part of the winter.  This area here is known for very good Bass fishing. Many lakes around here, the largest and most popular is Lake Griffin, Lake Harris, Lake Eustis and Lake Dora.


(Sunrise from our pier on Mt. Dora, yeah Lucy I was up that early, ONCE! lol)

I love fresh fish, but Bass is not one of my favorite. When we ever caught Bass, it was usually put in stew. The BEST fish here and most places is Crappie. They are called Speckled Perch down here, or just ‘Specks’.

I was surprised to learn that the Tilapia is also big here.  It is not indigenous to this area, someone released some in Florida and they have spread like wild fire. When we lived on Lake Dora our neighbor would give us all he caught. You cannot hook the Tilapia, he must be netted. Many guys use the cast net to get their bait fish, and in doing so bring in some Tilapia.  It is a great tasting fish, but still not as good as the ‘Speck’.


(There was Gold at the end of the rainbow on Lake Dora!)


(We also had our own alligators, small one only about 6 ‘)

A person familiar with this area 40-50 years ago would not recognize it now. 99% of the land was in Citrus groves, now it seems to be 50% houses.

villages nature walk

(Nature walk in the Villages)

Have you  ever heard of ‘The Villages’?  In our RV we stay near the Villages. It was a dream of one man to have small villages nested together. It has been a big Boon for building. They are expanding now big time. Stare Road 44 was miles from the Villages two years ago, now the Villages are down to 44.

villages 2


In 2000 the population was 8,333 now it is close to 80,000. All but three of the villages are for ages 55 and up. A person 19 and down, can only live in with someone for 30 days. If you are a Golfer it is a real deal to live in the Villages. There are 38+ golf courses and two or three more being built now. If you live in the Villages you can golf all year at no cost.

villages church

(one of many churches)

One of the big advantages of the Villages is you can exist with only a golf cart if you  wish. Every convenience and amenity you can think of, is available by roads especially built for the cart. (Walmart’s, banks, jewelry stores and the high end stores also!)

Thanks for coming this way.

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                                    Henry J


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your pictures are all just beautiful of the sights around there. I especially like the one of Sherry and the rainbow. I'd not heard of the villages before. It would be nice to be able to travel around on a golf cart instead of having to drive a car everywhere. We have golf carts at the campground and don't even have to buy gas for them, just plug them in to recharge the batteries. The don't allow gas ones. You aren't supposed to go over 5 mph there so they work out just great. We are supposed to get snow here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I most remember the Henry Js that had the back end that sloped! I didn't recognize the grill but when I looked at images for Henry Js I discovered that there were endless modifications of the HJs grill! I too like the photo of Sherry with the rainbow!

Anonymous said...

How impressive a thought by the government to build 'villages' alike, probably unthinkable over here.

Awesome first picture, the mirrored bird impressive ! Please have you all a good Tuesday.

Paula said...

I vote for Sherry and the rainbow too. They are both beautiful. Other pretty pictures too.

Fred Alton said...

What a great way to live. Walking and talking - examining the villages - golfing - going to Walmart, the bank, the mall, - all in your golfing cart.


I can't decide which photo I LOVE more... The SUNRISE, Sherry and the RAINBOW or the NATURE WALK? Just gorgeous area. The Villages sounds like my kind of place except for the golf. Don't care much for it. Thanks for the tour. Take care.

Rose said...

I've heard about the Villages from many other friends. I also heard it is not cheap to live there either.

Love all your photos.........I waite for the last picture at the end of all your Entries to see what amazing car you found to post.

Hugs, Rose