Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I recycle, Always have

Recycling is a big thing today. Using the things we have for some other purpose once they have served their original purpose.


(OK now Listen-up!)

For years utility/farm trailers were made from old car and truck rear ends, axles and wheels. Old inner tubes were kept for tire boots or sling-shot rubbers. I have mentioned, no shoes goes to the trash with shoe strings or leather tongues, I save ‘em. Now, no scrap of wood goes to waste, it is saved for a camp-fire.

and the little piggie said

(After this story this book goes to the outhouse, ok?)

Truthfully, I no longer save and straighten nails Laughing out loud. I do save all used screws though. With mama, all cloth scraps were saved for patches and quilting.

awkiss apig

(Shirl’s first kiss,the pig had just brushed its teeth!)

I save ALL magnets. You can recycle paper in many ways. Reuse it until all writing/note space is used. Throw it in the recycle bin or send it to the dump. It is good for the soil and helps to neutralize some hazardous waste that is miss handled. DO NOT USE typing paper or Catalogs in a flush toilet. It is good to use in out houses however. (A little slick but you get used to it!!!)

black dawg sandwich

(Nap time or black and white sandwich)

Some businesses are returning to paper cups because the Styrofoam doesn’t deteriorate fast enough. Really is a good idea, but I hate those card board sleeves at Star Bucks and similar Coffee shops.

great pillow

(He is having a rough time getting this pug to sleep!)

I wish someone could come up with an efficient incinerator for ALL our garbage. One that would use the heat to generate steam that could generate electricity. My friend VonDale installed these things for awhile, he said one big problem came from the steel belted tires with the steel creating jams and stopping production.

I told mommie

(So I told mommy……)

I understand Mexico City has an incinerator with a very long conveyor belt. Using intensive human labor to pick and sort things for recycling before the furnace. Sounds like a good idea to me. Of course the smell is offensive to some folk who would be too finicky to work there.

the right pacifier

(Whew, that finally worked!)

Recycling is a fact of life now. We all need to do it, trash has become a major problem. I would like to see the trash dumped and become part of our interstate road beds. I think the Interstates should widen the center and use that area for trash dumps, or land fills as they are called today.

shelter with hiswings


Getting close to New Years, think good thoughts and tip a little extra if you go out.

nowwhatdidyou mean

(Was I going to say anything else, Yeah, the pictures are just because I like ‘em)

Nite Shipslog

PS: (I think me and Live Writer are on speaking terms again, I am saying less bad words!)

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. (Think about that one a little bit!)

—Wayne Gretzky


1929 Studebaker Commander! What a car!!!


Paula said...

I am recycling in a big way now. I didn't realize how much we were sending to the land fill. Only thing I don't quite know what to do about. A real dirty jar like Mircle Whip needs to be washed out and I think that defetes the purpose and wastes water. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

When my Dad was a young man he had (at different times) a Roosevelt Automobile and a Willys Knight! When I was little he wanted a silver Jaguar! (with a wife and 2 daughters that never happened, instead he had a Crosley Sedan and then a Crosley Station Wagon, then a multitude of way less interesting cars and trucks)!

The photos are great!


Those photos are too cute for words. We used to bundle up newspapers and take them to the recycling center. But it closed and nobody does it around here, now. Not going to waste gas to drive them out of town. RECYCLING is a way of life. People been doing it long before it became fashionable. I had to chuckle about tipping a little extra. My hubby and I are constantly disagreeing about this. I always leave about 20-25%. He never leaves more than 15. My Uncle Jim was the head of the Studebaker Club back in our hometown for many years. GREAT cars. Take care.

Fred Alton said...

Had an idea while driving up the interstate a few years back: Why not make a walking trail in the median strip? The ground is already in the hands of the government and no one would need to be evicted. I think there could be some beautiful trails easily created with this idea. But would that cause breathing problems for the hikers?

We used to re-cycle our food scraps by placing them in a 5 gallon bucket and giving them to the hogs and chickens - from hogs and chickens to table in the form of bacon, ham, eggs, meat, etc.

Ken Riches said...

We recyle 10-20 times more things than we throw out.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am always amazed at how much of my trash is recyclable. We have bins provided by our town for garbage. One for the regular stuff and one for the recycles. I got to feel a little of your tropical weather today as we went into the Cleveland Zoo Rain Forest. Nice and warm and humid too! Sure was nice being good and warm for a couple of hours anyway. We now have snow on the ground and it's cold out too.

shirl72 said...

I don't have as much recyling material as I
did in Charlotte. We hear reports all the time
about the landfills getting full.

We had a 38 Studebaker. Glad you got the picture of me and the pig kissing. Love all the pictures. Just now getting back to normal.


Rose said...

Love,Love this Studebaker! Beautiful!

I always tip 20% whether at a restaurant or the beauty salon. Any place where tipping is required and/or expected.

Happy New Year to my "favorite" couple!

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

The pets entice me so much more than the children. Good thing I never had children.

Frshcatch said...

It turns out that I bought that exact Studebaker four years ago!! It now resides in Henderson, Nevada. It is always a show-stopper. Did you take the picture in Great Britan? It was there for several years before it returned to the US.