Thursday, December 8, 2011


No, I didn’t forget that yesterday was Pearl harbor day. Yes, I Remembered Pearl Harbor. When you are a kid (I was almost 3) It is hard to understand the tears and everyone gathered around the radio, SHHHHH! something terrible has happened.

shirl jackie

Shirl and I,  a yr after Pearl Harbor (See I already enlisted)

sherry & Johnny

(This is Sherry and her Brother Johnny one year after Pearl harbor)

It did not strike me until my brothers left to join the Navy, and mama hung a small banner or flag with two stars on it in our  front window. That meant two people from this house was in the WAR.


My Brothers after Pearl Harbor,    USN

As I got older and could understand the blackouts and at 3-5 knew what black out shades were. I knew when the sirens wailed NO LIGHT was supposed to be seen coming from your house. Then mama told us that were left about Pearl Harbor. Kat, Shirl and little me were told about losing ships and many men to that attack. There was a war cry by everyone, “REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR”.

I remember the nights with mama and daddy sitting around the radio and hearing the words, “From somewhere in the South Pacific I bring you the news about the  WAR.”

My Brother I learned later that my Brother Junior had sat down with a map of the Pacific and named the major islands girls names. All letters were censored from our service men, just in case one would make a slip and tell something he shouldn’t. In Juniors letters he would say something like, ‘BETTY’s birthday is tomorrow, I wish I could be there’.  That way my mama would know about where he was. I always thought that was pretty slick of Jr.

Anyway Sherry just had to say, “Did you know this is the 70th anniversary of that bombing?”

I politely told her to shut up, I knew what she was saying, she was saying what Lucy is saying, “WE ARE GETTING OLD, cause we can remember it!”

Thanks for coming by the Log.

Night Shipslog

PS: (One of the greatest men that lived during that time was Winston Churchill who said)

I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.



This is a 1941 Chevy you will not see a 1942-1945 Chevrolet (or any other car). Because of Pearl Harbor all Auto plants retooled for the war)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Two of my uncles were in the Navy about that time and both of them were in the Pacific but missed being there in Pearl Harbor. I remember them telling about it though. Both made it home from the war, but one uncle that was in the war over in Europe didn't make it home. I guess it is good to remember those times as sad as they are so we never forget how truly precious our freedom is.

Lucy said...

Good entry. I didn't forget either. I hate to tell you this, but it is a fact. we are getting old, only I think I might as well forget, "getting" and say, I have landed.

Anonymous said...

My mom always made a very big deal of Pearl Harbor Day & I'd not ever forget it...or its true meaning. ~Mary


We had a dear family friend that was there. He never went back. The nightmares haunted him. He was also prejudiced against the Japanese. Thank you for remembering. History has a way of rewriting itself. We must never forget.

Jean said...

I can remember my parents talking about the black outs we lived out in the country with oil lights that didn't make much light so i don't think they had to worry about that.I did have a brother in the navy at the time. Good entry. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

When I would see the picture of Odis and Jun.
I always wondered how they got to the moon
to have a picture made.

Didn't you get Mother broome stick and go outside
during the day and help shoot some of the planes
down. I was in the first grade and two brothers in the Navy. We had a wonderful family. Good
memories. Mother made your suit and my blue
coat. Kat said I had to much hair and she would
put it up to keep it out of my eyes.


Paula said...

One of my classmates parent's were air raid wardens, I think they were called but I was a little inteminated when I walked past their equipment which they stored in the un-used baby bed. I didn't really understand what it was all about. When a convoy came down our road we all ran down the lane to wave at the service men.

Anonymous said...

I like your brother's clever code.

Nice pics.

betty said...

I like what your brother did to name the islands with girls names, Jack. Very clever to get that info out to your family on where he was at. I do remember my mom telling stories about hearing about Pearl Harbor and the war efforts, etc. What a difference in getting out the news of that attack compared to how the attack on 9/11 was all over the news within minutes and when it was still happening.

You guys aren't old!!


Amelia said...

I'm sure that was a sad and scary time...

Fred Alton said...

I can remember sitting close to the radio and everyone being told to be quiet while the adults listened for reports of the war. I remember also, hearing that the war was ended. A shout of joy went up from our house!