Monday, December 12, 2011

I Have Just Decided

I am incapable of making a sensible decision. Not too long ago I was stirred up and couldn’t wait to go to England and Ireland. Then I hear from a friend and I want to go to Texas and New Mexico.


(From atop Mt. Sandria, New Mexico)

Next as I am walking around with my bride and talking of the fun times we had on the AT hike, I want to go back.  Shoot, can you do it all?  I certainly want to. 

I have a friend who is married to a beautiful sweet lady from England. Maybe they could go with us and show us the sights. Driving on the left side of the road scares me to death.  I was in England once and some of them drive as crazy as Americans. ‘Twould Be nice to go with someone.


(Buddy & Di before summiting Sandia) 


(Migration paths, Black is over Missouri, Red is the small migration line over Gaddis Pond)

Anyway, I really think when I was small that I got vaccinated with a travel bug. I have mentioned here before that I loved Frankie Lane singing ‘My Heart Goes where The Wild Goose Goes’.  When my dad was the Pastor of a church in Albemarle, NC, he took us to the the Gaddis Geese Pond, during the migration. I asked Daddy where they came from he said, ‘way up north in Canada!’

“Where are they going?”

I don’t rightly know, some go to Florida, some to Texas, Mexico. I have heard that some even go to South America.” That set my young heart a thumping, I wanted to do that. Like Frankie Lane.

Now honestly 100’s of geese are at Gaddis’s Pond but a few years ago we were traveling out of Illinois into Missouri and I kept seeing strange movement and colors in the sky.


(Millions of geese starting the migration)

I stopped the car and got out. High in the sky, higher than I had ever seen a bird fly were millions of geese in migration.  Small V’s made Bigger V’s which made Bigger V’s until I realized they were all actually flying in a GIANT V. I was in awe at the sight. My mind wandered back to my childhood. Travel!  YES,I am traveling now, but would I  ever be able to follow the wild goose?

Lucky me, I married a girl who also has caught the travel bug.

Funny as we walk around the RV park we see people in tents. We laugh thinking how we have been happy, in tents, vans, trailers, beautiful homes (with all the amenities we could want, one with a heated indoor pool.) All of our houses were paid for after the first one. Yet we were just as happy in our first tent. 

Happiness is a state of mind, but I think I am supposed to be GOING to stay in that state.(LOL)

Thanks for reading this dribble (drivel?).

Nite Shipslog

PS:  I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.



1961 Ford Econoline



You have carved out a niche for yourselves. Being happy staying in tents, vans, trailers and beautiful homes. If it were me, England and Ireland would be my next stops. But the possibilities for you and Sherry are endless. DECISION! DECISIONS! You have spent your life together on a great adventure, with so much more ahead. What a stunning photo of all the geese. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You both have seen many wonderful places and the great thing is that you continue to do so too! Traveling much at all was never in our budget, but we loved camping and seeing the great outdoors on a more personal basis and that was and still is in the budget. I guess if you planned it right you could do all those trips in one year. I'd want to take plenty of time in each place and enjoy all the sights. Maybe half the year in England and half the year in Texas and New Mexico wouldn't be a bad idea at all. England when it's warm and the other when it's cooler...Would we all had such decisions to make...The sun is out in Ohio and it's cold outside. I'm wrapping up Christmas gifts here today. Inside where it's warm.

Lucy said...

You definatly have the traveling bug. Just glad your bride feels the same. You have been everywhere it seems. I posted a new entry today full of a boy and his birthday. Bet he was slippery to get to the tub. Strange vehicle.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, I know the feeling. If it weren't for the memories of how tired I got while sitting on those trans-oceanic planes, I would go with you. Seriously, I think we should plan to walk a small part of the AT together. Let's talk about that in February when we meet. ☺

Anonymous said...

I wish you had not brought up the house with the
heated indoor pool. I still look at that house
and think how beautiful..

My vaccinations didn't take so maybe that is the reason I don't have traveling in my blood. I have traveled but rather be home. I did like
traveling when I was young...LOL


Jean said...

Hi Jack I was looking up in the sky and saw something was that you? I thought it was Santa.Lol. It is amazing what we can do on the internet. I didn't know about the satillite map until my son was showing me his home in Texas a while back. I'm not good at it ha. We live in the corner house it has a red truck and blue car in the yard. I will wave next time you fly over. Lol, The one that I pick up is from away back do they have it were you can see things live?
My granddaughter posted some pretty pictures she took this weekend in England, but I'm to chicken to get on a plane and fly that for. Take care. Jean

betty said...

That must have been an impressive sight to see all those geese flying like that! Some people do well with traveling; it seems like it is definitely in your blood, Jack and Sherry! I like local travel, anything by car, don't get me on a plane, LOL :)

I think if I was to travel across the ocean to Europe I would definitely want to go in a tour group to just be with others that might be familiar with things. My brother/wife are very adventurous and travel a lot; they have been to Ireland, Spain, Germany, etc and have many wild stories to tell of their travels. I do enjoy listening to them :)


Y said...

I used to have the travel bug, but now I get to feel like I'm traveling without leaving my sofa, thanks to you and Sherry sharing your adventures and photos with us. What a wonderful story teller you are!

Rose said...

Driving on the left side would scare the heck out of me!

The photo of 100s of geeses would scare the heck out of me too! LOL Great photo.

I'm enjoying reading your books! Kudos!

Hugs, Rose

Amelia said...

Whatever you choose, I know you will enjoy it! I would love to travel like that...