Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moving in an RV

We each have our jobs on moving days. Sherry secures the stuff on the inside. the chairs and drawers that can come flying out on a turn. The Doors on slides and shower  that must be secured. She has a couple pet things that bug her, the pan in the toaster oven rattles.  She has also put things between the pans so they won’t make much noise. The coffee pot must be secured also.

I take care of the outside mostly. Awnings, jacks, chairs, etc.

We also share in decisions in our home. She of course handles the small unimportant decisions leaving the BIG ones to macho ME. That has always been true in our family. I was explaining that to my friend Tuck, he said, “Okay what does she decide?

I said, “The small stuff of course. What I will cook for supper, what type of vacuum I will use. She also decides what clothes we will wear and when we will trade cars or buy a new motor home.”

“Well what in heck do you decide?”

Man I don’t have time for that small stuff, I rack my brain whether we should back Israel on the Iran attack. If we should pull out  all together from Afghanistan.  There was a time I had to decide if Bill Clinton should be impeached, and now I am concerned if I should call Mr. Cain to see if he has time to be president, seems he has been pretty busy himself. Also, I am a little bummed about the design of the new aircraft carrier the USN is planning. This is a heavy burden.”

Tuck was shaking his head as he got back on his Motorcycle and left (mumbling something about calling Buddy).  Now he will be trying to help me decide some of this stuff..  Life is tough for us who carry the heavy weights.

I have a lot on my mind, but thanks for coming by the log. I will consider all advice, Thanks in advance.

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When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go.  (OUCH, I might be dead and don’t know it!)


A great truck:


1965 Chevrolet 1/2 ton p/u


Fred Alton said...

That's a beautiful old truck! Larry Timmerman had one and used to live just around the corner from me. I've stopped when he had the hood raised and his head under the hood as if working on it. Ya think?

It's uncanny how much you and I are alike in so many ways. I just couldn't stand for Frances to make those heavy decisions either. ☻

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

it is good to know someone is taking care of the big things in life and that Sherry takes care of the small ones. I wouldn't touch any of those big ones with a 10 foot pole and like Sherry take care of the small stuff. Sunny in Ohio today! We just have to keep counting those blessings!

Anonymous said...

Everthing rare looks for something alike.

Please have you all a wonderful Friday and safe road ahead.

Amelia said...

You have the weight of the world on your shoulders ;)


Anonymous said...

I will help you and Tuck make some of those
decisions. I have a lot of decisions to make
for myself. What to eat and where I will go
shopping, take the car through car wash.
I am going to make some decisions about down sizing all this Christmas stuff then I will
help you and Tuck with the big decisions.



DECISIONS! DECISIONS! DECISIONS! It's a burden we all bear. Glad you and your lovely bride have a system in place to move along when the time comes. Securing the small stuff sounds like a BIG job too. Take care.

betty said...

I think you guys have a wonderful marriage sharing in responsibilities and decisions! I also think Sherry was wise in delegating the decisions she gave you to worry about! I bet she sleeps better at night as a result!!


Sheila Y said...

I don't know how you sleep all morning with all those decisions to make...;D
I know Sherry is happy you took that burden off of her...Have a great Friday...ha. Love from up North...Carolina that is, Sheila

Lucy said...

Had to laugh when it came to Cain on your blog. He is to busy with the ladies to be president. I see Shirl is still chiming in on your blog. Hope Shirl or Sheila does not get eaten by the great white shark that is swimming in your waters. He is big. Watched it on CNN. It is great to be back.

Drjigg said...
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