Saturday, December 10, 2011

Can you remember when your arm was not long enough?

I have to smile at my sons. I love both of them. but they are at the stage where they need glasses. they keep holding things at arms length to read.

Why do we hate to give in?  Oh, I know, because that means we are getting older.  That is a fact, normally if we live long enough, our eyes will get bad.  Some bad enough for cataract surgery. 

Unfortunately, I have had both eyes operated on and if the light is right I do not need reading glasses now.  But it is no problem to remember when I needed reading glasses.  I had no problem going to bi-focals and wearing glasses all the time, but my buddy Sonny never gave in, he always carried the reading glasses and would take them out to read a tape or small print.

I remember reading about a man who was a proponent of eye exercise. According to him he had a pulley set up were he sat in a room and drew a target from twelve feet away to 4 inches away from his eyes slowly  30 minutes a day to exercise his focus ability.  It sounded reasonable to me but I could not spend that time for eye exercise. Shucks it is hard to make my self do any kind of exercise for thirty minutes.

That brings up a subject I am very strong on theoretically, but not in practice, Yoga. I believe if folk would do 30 minutes of Yoga daily they would remain in better shape, I just cannot make myself do it.  Yoga is basically stretching. do you find yourself limited in turning your head? I do.

Sherry attended a Yoga class in Key West while we were there and I exercised with her at night. It was good. We did not keep it up.  We do not remain anywhere long enough to get in a class, I guess we need to work out something that will work. Does anyone who read this blog do Yoga? Is it working for you?

Yeah, I know I am full of questions tonight. thanks for coming by the Blog.

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1950 Hudson

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Cloudia said...

Love your words, but it was the Hudson that brought me over today from Robert's Athens blog.

I also posted about a vintage car today- synchronicity!

You are most welcome to come and see it:

Aloha from Waikiki

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Fred Alton said...

Yes, I remember the proud days when I would not wear the glasses - but I soon got over it because they helped me see so much better. Then went bi-focals and now tri-focals. My last visit to the eye Dr., said no need for cataract surgery right now and that, in actuality, my eyes have improved since the previous exam. Love that old Hudson. Daddy owned one back in the 40's. Can't remember the year model...but it was maybe a '47? Hudson/Terraplane

betty said...

Never a yoga person here, I was afraid I would get myself into a stretching position and not be able to get out of it, LOL! Lots of yoga classes on the beaches here. I do hear it is suppose to be good for relaxation.

I started wearing glasses in second grade, but I did have to make the transition to transition lenses when I got into my 40s, LOL. That fine print was very difficult to read indeed without them!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When I was about 45 I had to get reading glasses. The little kind that just sat on your nose and then slipped them off when I wasn't reading. Next came the bifocals and then due to all the work on a computer I got trifocals so I could see the computer screen properly and not strain my eyes. Now I'm thinking it's time to get some new ones as I'm seeing a change. Some day I'm sure that cataract surgery will be done too. I have heard wonderful things about yoga and hope you find some things you can continue to do as you travel. Hope you'll keep us posted as I wouldn't mind know a little about it either.

Paula said...

No yoga or chair exercise for me. I'm a line dance girl. Too bad I quit I'm getting fat just eating Almond Roca. Can't clean house with company's stuff scattered.

Louis la Vache said...

Like Cloudia, it was the Hudson that brought old car lover «Louis» over from Daily Athens. «Louis» uses the P.J. O'Rourke quote as one of his e-mail signatures. That quote has never been more true than with the current (mis)Administration!

Cher' Shots said...

I've worn glasses since I was 12 yrs. old and now I'm told I could have surgery to correct it, BUT then I would need reading glasses ... makes no sense to me to trade my everyday glasses for reading glasses.
We have a niece that is big into yoga, she even competes sometimes.
and OMG you found a car older than me!
'love & hugs from afar'

Ken Riches said...

Age does have a way of sneaking up on one :o)


I have bifocals and am proud of it. I CAN see. My girlfriend did a bit of Pilates, but no Yoga. You could get classes from the internet when you're on the road. I'm afraid of going down on floor and not being able to get up. So none of that for me. LOL Take care.

Lucy said...

I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and wear trifocals. In other words I am still sort of blind as a bat. HHMM Wonder if bats are really blind.?

Bookncoffee said...

My eyes are foggy in the mornings. Takes drinking coffee to unclog them. I am wanting to read far faster than they want to unfog themselves. lol Just started this year. Never have done yoga but anyone that has done it seems to say it helps with movement and in the release of stress. Sounds like something I need to be doing then huh? Thanks for your visiting the blog. Hope you and Sherrie are warm and safe in the FL state. I think that is where you are at present. Kinda chilly here at night but I love it around this time of year. When FEB gets here I'll be ready for a beach. lol

Amelia said...

No Yoga for me lol.. I hate exercise in general.