Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas Gift Snowball

I am accused of living in the past, and that is a fair assessment, BUT where else is an old man gonna live?

Christmas has always been a time for gifts and sharing. I was told it was better to give than to receive. Now as a kid I really didn’t believe that, but I still didn’t mind giving.


Up until my first grade,  I  received a small toy and clothes. We were not poor, but in the 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s Christmas was a festive time. Time of visits, good food and of course gifts. Shirl and I were fortunate, we were the second litter, you might say. We probably got more in two or three Christmases than our older Brothers and sisters got the whole time they were home.


The whole thing was not the biggest gift, but a gift. Christmas day it didn’t matter if you got skates, fruit, candy, ball glove, bat or bicycle, it was Christmas and if the weather was good everyone was out celebrating NO SCHOOL. That was the biggest gift.


When I see friends buy a very expensive gift for a child for Christmas, my deepest thought is what are you gonna do next year these things snowball you know? It seems to generate higher hopes until it seems to be outrageous. Now here I go, it really is none of my business what is spent, so why would I get my nose out of joint. Of a truth IT AIN’T NONE OF MY BUSINESS.  But I would advise to buy and choose wisely.

Germany at Christmas

Old story around Sherry’s house is about a Christmas when she was close to ten and brother Johnny a couple years younger. The family drew names. John drew Sherry’s name. He was supposed to spend fifty cents on a gift. But he spent most of the money then bought her a nickel Milky Way and wrapped it . According to Johnny, SHERRY was not happy!

beautifuol trees

Merry Christmas, and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

—Ambrose Redmoon


This year I don’t want much for Christmas.. Either will be fine. (LOL)

800px-1953_mg_td_arp55 chevy

1953 MG     or  the   1955 Chevy…

(If my rich Uncle hadn't died, and if he had liked me……..  oh well!)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Christmas memories are very special. I have lots of them too. The 50's were good times for my family. I can remember getting a record player and some long playing albums one year and a transistor radio another. I liked to listen to music then and still do today. Enjoy those wonderful memories and make some more while you're at it!

FlyingHorse2 said...

Merry Christmas and might I add, you can't have a bb gun! You'll shoot your eye out! Oh and my rich Uncles' ship has already sailed to points .... in much hotter ports! LOL!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Learned to drive on Grandpa's 55 Chevy...his was yellow & white,always got washed & waxed for church on Sunday....Thanks for your well wishes for Mia....

Merry Christmas...Boomer & the gang..!!

Ken Riches said...

We do practical Christmas here, DVD's and Books, things we both will enjoy and would most likely buy anyway.

Anonymous said...

I do believe you do too much to be considered a "living in the past" type. It is not exactly like you 2 are sitting in rocking chairs talking about yesteryear as the world goes by your living room window. Wait. Your living room moves... See?

~mel said...

I have some very fond Christmas memories ~ and I hope that we are instilling into our children and grandchildren some too:) MERRY CHRISTMAS my dear friends!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Paula said...

I always like to read your blog because I never know what you will be thinking about next. I think I was in third grade when we had our first Christmas tree and I remember it because they had come out with bubble lights and my Mama bought a set of those. we were in awe.

Helen said...

Beautiful pictures. Love that Bluebird with the double rainbow. Merry Christmas to you and Sherry. Helen

Anonymous said...

Just bought a single present this year, asking myself for a new battery for my watch.

Please have you all a blessed Christmas.

daily athens photo

Fred Alton said...

Loved reading your musings about Christmas and the meaning of the gifts. It was fun to go outside to play with whatever toys had been made or bought and also to see what the neighbor's kids got! I'd even settle for that old '40 model Studebaker we boys got one year from the Junk Yard for the fabulous price of $40.00!


LOVED hearing your Christmas stories of long ago. And about what a true gift is. It comes from your heart. The old adage, it's better to give than receive is so true. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Sherry. Hope you have a wonderful day. I'll be hobbling around here waiting to have an MRI to determine if I need surgery. What a way to start a new year, ey? Take care.

Lucy said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I just let my feelings all hang out in my Day to Day blog. I let the gr-grandchild drop. but to be honest we have very little contact and that is a good thing. Just want harmony with her dad, my son.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jack! Too much emphasis on toys and not enough on tradition.

Merry Christmas to you and Sherry


Lindie said...

I love Christmas and had a lovely one this year. Stayed with my daughter and her family and we bought each other small things, kitchen gadgets, socks, goats milk soap! I sent small gifts to my other young grandchildren including a box of 120 crayons for the 3 little ones to share. Gifts of money to the 5 in college. Christmas Eve we had fondue, a Christmas tradition my daughter loves. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both.