Thursday, December 22, 2011

What do you prefer to read?

A lot of older folk read for enjoyment and entertainment. I have written and published 6 books now, and being honest, I was near 60 before I sat down and read a book through. That is, one that did not relate to work. I cheated in school and wrote book reports on books I checked out and scanned, then wrote a report. I was caught only once.

I checked out a small book  titled, ‘Rockefeller’, it had a picture of a steam shovel on the cover. I did not look at the book. (That was in the third grade.) I wrote a report of a steam shovel named Rockefeller. Okay, it was stupid, it was a biography . How in the world could Mrs. Fleming know that? There were thousands of book in the Library. Well she knew, to her credit she did not embarrass me, but on the report she wrote, a good story Jackie, but the book was about one of the most famous men in early America’s industrial revolution, John D. Rockefeller. I am giving you a ‘C’, only because you did write a good yarn.

At Sam’s Club one day I bought a BIG THICK book, by Clancy, ‘Executive Orders’. It was a big book and I figured it would take me a year to read it. To my surprise I read it in less than a week. That started me. As of today I have read over 900 books.

Tom Clancy exec

I love to read. My favorite authors are: Jack Higgins, Archer, Baldacci, Brady, Brand, Clancy, Compton, Cook,Creighton, Cussler, Deighton, Fast, Flynn, Follett, Forsyth, ahh… Grisham, Hoag, Isles, Johansson, Kellerman, Then there is the BEST for me, LOUIS L’AMOUR, Ludlum, O’Shaughnessy, Robert Parker (may he RIP), James Patterson!!!, Sanders, John Sanford!, Sidney Shelton, Scott Turow and Woods.  Of course that is not all. I met Jack Darnell who lives a life style still in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. A prince of a man. His publisher, ‘Y’ comments on this Blog.


Jack Higgins, (Harry Paterson)

I learned late, reading is one of the most rewarding practices. I took great pride in seeing some of my books listed as used, on Amazon. I buy used books myself, Something about a book, it makes no difference if the pages are loose, as long as they are there, the book does not know it is old or used, just that it contains someone’s heart and soul poured into the writing of it.

I will not finish a book that does not hold my interest. Sherry is a little different, when she starts one, she is there ‘til the finish. NOT ME!  I’m gone to another book.

Now I like mystery. I like spy type or police investigators. I love westerns. I am a fiction type guy. I know enough about true life. I like L’amour because the bad guy  ALWAYS LOSES! The good guy is gonna win. I like that, because that is how I like to see life. I feel I have won.I have striven to live a life of honesty, I am not afraid to face any customer I ever had.  I have had houses where I replaced stuff 8 yrs after the warranty ran out. I never wanted anyone to bad mouth me.

This is too long I just looked at the word count. OUCH. anyway I hope you like to read, it is a great past time.

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This is a1954 Hudson Italian (You are fortunate if you have seen one of these.)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, I do love to read and one of these days I'm going to have to read those books of yours. Right now I'm reading a lot of free books on my Kindle and there have been a few that I just couldn't get into and have gone on to the next book in my line up. I won't continue with one that doesn't hold my interest. I do love to read your blog too...You never know from one day till the next what you might write about next. I also like a lot of the same authors you do, but have plenty of other favorites too. We had temps in the 50's yesterday, surprise for us this time of year, but today it is getting colder again.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Maybe Santa will bring you anew book for Christmas....have you read "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo"'s a good one....could not put it are the nest two books in the series....Mia is napping, found she is in the early stages of congestive heart failure....but...we had another JR Terrier that had CH and he lived to be we're not toooooo that she is on the correct meds....Happy Holidays, Linda & the gang...

Anonymous said...

Firmin, by Sam Savage
Boy with the Striped Pyjamas, by John Boyne
The thing with Finn, by Tom Kelly
Tiger, Tiger, by Margaux Fragoso

All books which I finished within a single night, or at least as long as it took to read them in one piece.
First and last one, probably my favourites.
Please have you all a good Friday.
And yes, I'll check those authors you wrote about.

Paula said...

I love to read too but I'm not like a lot of people in that if I like it, I like to make it last so only read a few pages at a time. I'm reading the Help right now.

Anonymous said...

I learned to read in first grade...which was my one and only reason for going to school in the first place...and I've been reading ever since. I have many favorites, some the same as yours! And I like a good mystery! Some books openings don't grab and pull you in, so I try to stick through the second or third then I'm hooked and have to read the whole thing. I read one recently where the descriptive words were off, they didn't fit with the mood of the moment...actually the story was kind of lame too! It didn't make sense...but I stuck it out to the bitter end. It's rare that that happens! When I start I book, once I'm hooked I want to read it till I'm finished! Like the quote and the car! You and your Lady have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I read a few of Patterson, but they all seemed..well, the same, but different. I read so much & such a varied set that I can't pin down too many authors lately. ~Mary

Ken Riches said...

I love to read! I read several magazines but do manage to get a few books in as well. Next up for me is to install Shelfari so I can track.

Fred Alton said...

I used to think that I liked to read. I have read Grisham and L'Amour and Danielle Steele that I can remember...but the most of my books were of the theological genre. Hughes, Horton, Cox, Lowery, G. Campbell Morgan, Gause, Arrington, etc. are more my speed. Wait, though - - does it count if I read them and promptly forget them? ☺ Nowadays I find myself reading the Bible more than any other book. I read it for personal pleasure at least 4 times in a year. It's also a good sermon outline book! ☻ ☻ ☻


Cuddling up with a good book is one of my favorite things. Can't get enough of the written word, either here on the blogs or with a few of my favorite authors. I tend to like writers from the UK. Got a chuckle out of your Rockefeller story. Guess 60 is kinda of late to read a book through for the first time. But better late than never. I'm with you, if a book doesn't hold my attention, I'm outta of there. Take care.

shirl72 said...

When I have time to read I will read Biographies.
I have read "TO ME IT'S WONDERFUL" Ethel
Waters, Della Reese "ANGELS ALONG THE WAY"
"SWEET LIFE" Barry Manlow and "BALM IN GILEAD"
Don JEfferies. So I do read.....LOL


Rose said...

I love Shelfari to keep track of what I have read. I recall starting to read a book and then say to myself after a couple of chapters "hey, I read this before". Shelfari keeps me from doing that again! LOL

I was such an avid reader when I was younger. Now, my eyes get tired after reading for an hour or so.

I loved reading your books! Which reminds me that I have to add them to my list on Shelfari.

Merry Christmas!