Saturday, December 3, 2011

If I were you!


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Have you ever heard (or said) that! Most folks have at one time or the other. But it is just for a moment. Of course some folks think they would just like to be someone else.

I thought about that sitting in the hospital lobby.  Watching folks go by, some patients, some visitors.  You do not know what is on someone’s mind or what their problems are. Sister Shirl is prone to say, “I am in my own world, but that is okay, they all know me here”.

I am fortunate health wise. I’m ok except I cannot hear.  Well, I state that wrong, I can hear, I just do not understand. I must guard or I will assume something is said that is not. Once at the Dr. office, he said something and walked out, I undone my belt, button and zipper and dropped my pants. “What are you doing?”Sherry asked.


“He said drop your pants!”

“No he didn’t, Honey!”

So I quickly put my pants back on. That would have been embarrassing, you wouldn’t want to be me then.

We have a sweet neighbor here. A few nights ago her husband knocked on our door…. Sherry answered the door then turned and said something to me about chocolate cake and motioned for me to come..I thought we were going next door for coffee and cake. All the time his wife was lying on the cold ground with a broken hip, she fell on the way to our RV to bring us a piece of chocolate cake.  Me, I’m in my own world too.

I quickly recognized the situation and knew he needed help. She now is home doing well and has a brand new wheel on her right side.  That is why I was in the hospital lobby. I leave a room as soon as possible because I may misunderstand something there.  I need to be off to myself.

I try not to complain, because my problem is minor compared to others. Bad hearing is like wrinkles, it does not physically hurt.


Early in the morning I hear a loud roar in my head, louder than the ringing. As the day goes on the ringing takes over and the roar recedes. In the night I hear voices.  I do not understand them but I know they are voices. I have a theory that my brain replays voices I heard in the day and did not understand.  One day I hope to understand them. Those voices may have some good ideas, who knows?

My BIL (Sonny) started hearing a ringing and said it was driving him crazy, I told him to hold on, he would get used to it and be as crazy as me. hahaha

We all have problems, mine are not life threatening as long as I have my Sherry, she usually pulls me out of the road when she hears a car.

She is also my ears, I would honestly be lost without her.  But then without me she would have to pay to get her sink drains unclogged. haha

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betty said...

Hey, I'm virst, that doesn't happen that often!! So sorry about your RV neighbor; so sweet that she was bringing cake, but sorry about her fall! Those fractures can be hard to deal with the older we get!

I said it before, but I'll say it again, you and Sherry compliment each other very well with your strengths and weaknesses working together to make a strong binding union for many a year! Truly a blessing and truly an inspiration!!

Loved the story about the doctor's office; too funny on that one!!

enjoy the day!



I understand about your hearing problems. My husband has them too. There is always a constant buzzing in his ears. Sounds like a small motor is running. Makes his life miserable at times. But he gets by. Glad your wife was there at Doctors to tell you to pull your pants up. LOL I hope your dear friend feels better soon. A broken hip is quite a price to pay for being neighborly.

Anonymous said...

Jack wrinkles do hurt, they are making me age faster than I want to. It hurts the pocketbook because we buy expensive products thinking they will help knowing they want.

I still live in my own world thats OK they all know me hear and I am having fun.


Anonymous said...

I used the word hear instead of here. Dewey and I were just talking about words that sound the
same, spelled different and have different meanings. Can you correct my mistake. Sorry LOL


Anonymous said...

If you were me, you'd need to wear French perfume.

No, I never say that to people. I think it is, well, usu followed by imposing (often unwanted)beliefs on others. ~Mary

Lucy said...

Joe says "If I were you" I would do whatever I was doing this way several times daily. Guess what, I seldom do it his way because I have my own way of doing things, and sometimes his way seems like it is a lot more involved. It is snowing like mad here. Ground was covered quite a while ago. I think it is amazing by listening to you talk about your hearing loss and my son's that started being very noticeable at 14 but it was a teacher that made me realize it was something that needed to be followed. He is now in his 60's and can not hear a thing with out his hearing aids, and Ron is not far behind him. But as I said about amazing, how well you all cope with it. Glad you have such a special wife as my sons do , to keep you from dropping your pants. So sorry about your neighbor My Doctor told me that very often the hip breaks before the fall. I was so surprised.

Paula said...

One thing I don't understand about John's hearing problem. If I don't repeat myself he will come up with the correct answer.

Ken Riches said...

Not being able to hear would be a big adjustment, sounds like you have mostly done okay :o)

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful entry - bleached me a bit my mind. Thank you. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the picture - that's Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I've been there. It's so picturesque.
I'm sure it's tough not being able to hear. It's great to be able to "chat" on the internet, though.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are days that I don't hear everything and misunderstand people too. I do well for the most part but I know it's bound to get worse. You and Sherry are so blessed to have each other. I know I've said that before but it's so true. I have the ear ringing most of the time too. If this is as worse as it gets, I'll be happy. Glad your neighbor is doing well with her hip. We had a sunny day once more but rain is moving our way for tomorrow. I put the Christmas wreaths and roping up on the front porch while it was nice out.

Sheila Y said...

It's a good thing you didn't hear strip nekkid, you might have got caught before you got all your clothes back on. I hope your friend is healing and feeling better. Sad she had to get hurt trying to be a good neighbor, prayers for her. Take care, Sheila

Jean said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor falling I hope she is doing much better. The children keep telling me and Grover to get a hearing aid I just don't think one would help us all that much.
I do feel so dumb sometimes when I miss understand some one talking to me. Lol.Take care. Jean

Cher' Shots said...

Oh Jack, my dear husband has tinnitus too! I guess that's what happens when you fly and intercept morse code for years on end. He says his is worse when there is no external noise around him, although too much noise is no good either. I'm his 'hearing aide' too. Hope your neighbor will be alright.
'love & hugs from afar'

Amelia said...

I guess compared to many other circumstances, yours is not serious at all. That still has to be very annoying though not to be able to get what everyone is saying...