Sunday, December 25, 2011

Walking, Talking and Florida Citrus

Tonight Sherry and I went for a little walk. A couple circles around this small park.  It is the dustiest I have ever seen it.  Down by the dock we watched a turtle swim for a little until it realized someone was there, and headed for parts unknown.

Just about 50 yards something small and black ran thru the leaves under a big Magnolia tree and we could not make out what it was. I figured it was a Mountain Lion, Panther or a killer Black Bear.  That gets a good snuggle from my girl. HA! (I wasn’t about to say squirrel) I did get some smooching back in the woods.

We are facing some personal decisions and walking is our time to talk.  Nothing earth shaking, no personal physical problems, just a couple family things that may need some attention.  Walking helps us to make some good decisions.


(The year I took these pictures I counted a truck like this every 15 seconds for a long period of time, going to Tropi-cana.)

Oh, my son is putting his ‘92 Z-28 up for sale. It is a convertible. I think Sherry and I would look snazzy in it. hahahahaha.

But 92 is a little new for my taste.  But then it may trade for an MG  who knows?

We haven’t had a campfire in a while, I think tomorrow may be the time. Of course it is eally warm, Orlando just broke a record, 85 down there.

scan1994-96 017

Ahhhhh, Florida citrus is in. Tangelo’s, Navels, Hamlin's and Honey bells. If you squeeze an equal number, you get a GREAT juice. MMMMM good. Where we get them they are $6 and $6.50 for a half bushel.  We have picked our own cheap before, once for $1 a bushel.

scan1994-96 016

Before Dick and Kat died, and we traveled together, Dick could find the best fields for veggies. 5 gals of tomatoes for $4, 5 gal of bell peppers for $3, and strawberries $.25 a quart.  (Plus all you can eat as you pick). We don’t do that now, we aren’t close to the veggies anymore. 


But that is beautiful Florida at Christmas time. I was telling Sherry I remember when we drove down on a vacation a long time ago and I said, “I would love to live here one day.”

Thanks for coming by the log,

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Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it.

—Cullen Hightower



RED 1961 Corvair for Christmas….. We had a white one like this in Cuba.


Ken Riches said...

Merry Christmas to you both!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my, I bet that does taste soooo good fresh like you have it. I have oranges and some of those cute little things that resemble a tangerine here and love them, but I know the taste just doesn't compare to what you have. The two of you are living the good life. I guess I am too but here it isn't warm nor do we have any fresh fruit this time of year. One of the channels on the TV has Christmas music playing and a picture of a burning fire on the screen ...I sit here and pretend I'm sitting around a campfire. HaHa... Merry Christmas! Love and Hugs from Ohio


FRESH FRUIT. Yummy. Just had some for dinner, but not as GOOD as yours right off the vine. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Y said...

Honeybells are really nectar of the gods. I do love our Louisiana satsumas, though.

Glenda said...

Looks like you two had a Florida Christmas:) It was unbelievably warm in 'Chobee yesterday, guess the earth was still holding the heat, at 5 a.m. the fog was thick as pea soup. Love the citrus photos, a childhood remembrance is Mom saying every year that FL had the BEST (forget TX or CA) and that applied to avocados, mangoes and fish! Your closing quote is a keeper, gonna copy that one.
Wishing you two love & peace in the campground in 2012 and beyond!

Fred Alton said...

This all reminded me of Christmases past at Grandma's in central Florida. That last picture of the fruit must have been saturated with juice 'cause I smelled it and heard Grandma say, "You boys want some ambrosia?" ☺ Grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, apples, hand-grated coconut, English walnuts, and pecans with a can of store-bought sweet mixed fruit mixed in. Plus maybe a can of peaches. Oh boy oh boy - mmmmmmm good!

Anonymous said...

It was warm here on the Gulf Coast too! (west central Florida) Two Christmases ago I was down here after Don died in October and it was cold at Christmas (now I've moved back to be close to family)! This week my car of choice would be at Mini convertible! Enjoy your week!

shirl72 said...

I have lots of fruit in the Kitchen of course
it came from the grocery store. I have some
pomegranate which is suppose to be very healthy.
At the Wal-mart I found a package of Dark Chocolate pomegranate. They are by Brookside
and very delicious. They are with the candy
section. Next time you are in Wal-mart see
if they have them in Fl. They are heavenly.


Lucy said...

Hope you had a peaceful and Merry Christmas. Fruit looks wonderful. We had a nice time at Connie's. As usual Hope things work out of the best for both of you. I just visited Facebook and saw My Texas family at Christmas. Lots of mixed feelings.

Paula said...

Just getting on here. We drove home from San Antonio at one in the morning. We are getting wild. Had a very nice christmas, hope you two did too.

Rose said...

I remember when I first moved to Florida from Boston.......I was thrilled to have fruit trees in my backyard to pick fresh oranges and lemons. It was the best orange juice I ever bought juice just can't come close.

I no longer have that house and those beautiful fruite trees that I miss.

Hugs, Rose