Saturday, December 17, 2011

Role Models

(Before I start I received a comment from a special lady, Lindie. Hope all is well with you. Love you lady! (She was the first person ever to comment on my journal))

I can remember growing up I had many role models. I liked Gene Autry better than Roy Rogers, but they both were good role models. Gene didn’t waste a lot of time with girls. he just got the bad guys. I did fall out with him once when he sang something about ‘Hair of gold lips like Cherry wine, prettiest girl I ever seen and I gonna make her mine.”  Of course he redeemed himself with ‘Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer’( LOL).

Gene autryRoy Rogers

When I got older I switched to the Duke. You just didn’t mess with John Wayne!  I had family heroes too, I looked up to both my brothers, they were MEN!


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I never had sports heroes much, I remember thinking Babe Ruth must have been a great guy. I liked Joe Louis and Floyd Patterson, they seemed to be gentle men, who could knock your head off if they needed to prove they were men.

I don’t follow sports much. But now a guy named Tebow is making the news. From what I read, he is doing nothing different than he has done all his life, ‘live his convictions’.  He is a clean cut guy and I would think a good role model. Yet someone has created a new work I understand, called Tebowing. Not sure how it is pronounced, but it is a real word now.

A school just expelled some boys for a day for ‘Tebowing’. (Saying they caused a fire hazard, really!) I read a lot of folks making fun of the guy. Since I have a little experience in this area, I tend to sympathize with this guy Tebow.


Most of my experience comes from being a preacher’s son of a small but growing religious group in the 1950’s known as The Church of God,  So as a Preacher’s son I did feel some resentment.

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Now here comes old Tebow (preacher’s son). He is doing what he has always done. Far from being a ‘sissy’, but he quietly bows and says a silent prayer as he has been taught to do. To me he appears to be a great role model, don’t cuss, never done drugs or smoked, he is not ashamed to be a virgin, etc. He is doing what his family taught him (like I should have done, but couldn’t stand up to the snide remarks)! What is not to like and want your kids to look up to?  Sometimes humans amaze me.

It seems we prefer the guys who can cuss, drink, play around, then come out Sunday and bust some heads. Something wrong with a picture where folks want their kids to admire that!

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A blind person asked St. Anthony: "Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?"

He replied: "Yes, losing your vision!"



1955 Ford T-Bird, most kids dream car.


Paula said...

I had a classmate who belonged to The Church Of God and I remember she wasn't allowed to shave her legs. Don't know if this was a chuch rule or a family rule

Rose said...

They were just showing Roy Roger's son and grandson on TV this morning that they are singing his songs trying to keep his image alive.

I know Roy Rogers and Dale Evans adopted a lot of children. I don't exactly remember how many.

I'm sure it wasn't easy growing up having a father that is a Preacher. I'm sure a lot was expected from you.

But, you turned out just fine in my eyes! You are a perfect gentleman!

Hugs, Rose


Back in the day... I LOVED John Wayne. He was quite the fella on the BIG screen. Being the son of a preacher must have been tough on you. All those expectations to live up too. Don't know anything about this Tebow guy. But I will say this, as long as there have been men, BAD BOYS always get MORE attention than the good ones. Take care.

shirl72 said...

I didn't have a role model. I just watch our
Sister and Brothers until she got married and
the brothers joined the Navy. I patterned my life after Mother and Dad. Mothers brother Uncle
Clyde and Aunt Ruby also impressed me with their
success. My golds were set high......LOL

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We did watch a lot of cowboy movies at our house too and I loved most all of them. Maybe it would be nice if they made a comeback so kids would have someone to look up too. My hero was and always has been my grandmother who was a Mom of 10 children, a school teacher, a wonderful quilter, a strong believer, a one time post mistress, gave me my first Bible and also taught me how to make biscuits. I do like that quote from St. Anthony. Had a full day with my kids doing our family Christmas and am now ready for some rest... we had a great time anyway.

Ken Riches said...

My Dad's dog was Bullet from Roy Rogers.

Lucy said...

Joe liked Patterson and Joe Lewis. He has arrived at the point that sports is so corrupt he rally doesn't much sports. Our biggest problem with our University football players getting drunk and caught.

Y said...

I agree with you, but we seem to hate those that "screw up the curve" with their sincere and practiced values and virtue. Much easier to aspire to be like those who say, "Do as I say, not as I do,"

Amelia said...

You're right, the role models that kids look up to just aren't role models.