Friday, December 9, 2011

The SPAM folder

I don’t know your set up on the net, I do not know if every carrier or what ever they are called has a Spam Folder.  I am with AOL. I started when it was $27 a month something like that. Then when it went free, I waited a few months then changed to the FREE AOL.  I have seen no difference.

I have a SPAM folder. I empty it most every day sometimes I wait until it gets full. It is good to scan the folder before clearing it. I have found some REAL e-mails there, that I am glad I found.  Some from friends and family.

I do like having the folder because 99%+ is junk mail.

I get a kick out of reading the subjects though.

…I have  kin who died in England leaving me money.

…..I can live forever. 

….I have put Susanne Summers in the SPAM stuff now, I just think it is too late for me to look young forever. haha.

….I get ads for pills for everything, I cannot mention some of them.  But one is for enlargement, and it is not Breast enlargement. LOL

This is just to say it is good to check the Spam before hitting the delete button. I once found one from ‘Just Plain Bill’ (remember him?) I nearly missed a book order. Whoa!  Also found one from “Just sayit Baldies” (remember him also?) about one of my e-books, I was able to send it on line for him to read. He got to read it before he left us. Sam’s last entry: quote..

hope you all recognized as i did, another BEAUTIFUL DAY IN COLORADO. I BELIEVE WHEN BECOMING DISABLED, ONE SEES MORE OF THE WORLD'S BEAUTY. BIRDS, ANIMALS, TREES AND THE WINDblown limbs. an aspen tree ... (That was Sam, always positive)

I miss both guys a lot.

However there are a lot of good memories here on the Net and it hasn’t been around all that long. But it seems we meet and lose some good folk. Seldom see Ora, never see Jun,”My Hands are Shaking” is gone,  and  “Boondocks FD & Beyond”(Gary’s wife Debbie).  Many more who have come and gone. Many have moved to FB and enjoy it there.

But I am here for a little longer, I just like to run my mouth (fingers) and this is my outlet. This is very  good for a deaf person.

Y’all take care and thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


If you get into the bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even in the middle of the day. (My daddy told me this, so I believe it! He dug a lot of wells  by hand, in his time)


Still on trucks (not even antiques):


It was a lot of fun riding in the bed of a truck.


Lucy said...

Love those newsy entries. know what you mean about "spam". I get offers from "scooters" to "depends" that look just like real bloomers. It is true that we need to look through spam before deleting it. Mine is in g-mail. I have had pictures people have sent me go in there.

Amelia said...

I get hundreds of spam.

I never met the journalers you are referring to but I have also seen a few of them come and go. It is indeed very sad.

Cher' Shots said...

I love your blog. You have a way of reaching across the miles to touch the heart, the funny bone and deep into our souls. I love ya Man!
(now don't get jealous Sherry - I have my own guy - wink)
'love & hugs from afar' to both of you ;)


I am on AOL too. My husband thinks I'm the last of a dying breed. LOL He doesn't like AOL. I on the other hand, LOVE the setup here. You're so right about double checking your spam folder, though. I once found an email from my aunt that somehow wound up in there. Yep good friends are made online and when they pass, their voice is missing from the conversation. Take care.

Helen said...

I always check my spam also. Not on the cable address but on AOL. Like you it sometimes has mail that is not spam. I miss just pain Bill and Sam. If you ever read Sugar's blog, she just this week came on FB.I see Ora makes a comment sometimes. I very seldom make a blog entry myself. Just staying home all the time I don't know anything to post about. Maybe I should just say I just ate one half an apple and drank a mug of no sugar added hot chocolate a while ago. LOL. Helen

Jean said...

I remember reading some comments from Bill and Sam but didn't know they had past away. Sorry to hear about them. I miss reading Ora,and Debbies I see June on face book once in a while. I don't read and write much on face book I do farm. haha. I have three farm's on farm town and some on farmville. I'm about to drop farmville. I love farm town. haha. I don't spend very much time on any of them. You and Sherry take care. Jean

betty said...

What amazes me is a lot of comments I get from blog posts end up in my spam folder. Can't figure that out; I too am on AOL. I clear my spam and regular mailbox daily; LOL I'm such a type A pesonality like that, can't stand to have a "full mail box" even if there is only one or two emails in there. I've removed myself from a lot of lists I get where they say "unsubscribe". That has helped reduce a lot of mail in both mail boxes. Thank God it is electronic mail, imagine all the paper we would be wasting if it wasn't!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed always of great joy to read my spam, nevertheless only the headlines, as I won't ever open them.

Please have a good weekend ahead.

Fred Alton said...

Hmmm. Most times I just delete without even opening the Spam folder. Whenever I've looked it has been some "far-out" stuff like enlargement, and pills for all ills, or wanting to sell me some special oils from the Middle East, or wanting to give me 24 million dollars and they just need my bank number so they can deposit it, etc. A couple of times I've receivcd those type e-mails in my regular in-box and supposedly written from friends. It would be embarrassing to them to know what they contained. Meanwhile - Hitting "Empty" seems easiest and best. ☻

Paula said...

Yep delete my spam most everyday and I do check them first. I met Sam at AOL journals and miss him very much.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The Spam folder is what it is for me - mostly always spam. I do miss a lot of my old aol friends. There are many that transferred to blogger and then never wrote anything. I guess they didn't like it. But I'm like you and like it so yep, I'll be here for as long as my computer keeps me connected. We had snow on the ground this morning but thankfully it all melted off.

Debbie said...

Oh,you haven't lost me completely. I still read your blog every day and one of these days hope to start leaving comments more often and writing in my own blog again. But, until the day comes that I find a more positive attitude I think it best I keep my fingers from walking across the keyboard. You can thank me later for doing everyone that favor, lol. I do like FB for the ease of adding pictures and interacting with my family there whereas I would rather most in my family didn't know I have a blog. A girl needs a little space ya know! LOL! That being said I haven't been doing much on FB lately either.

Our internet service does have a spam filter. I can happily say I rarely get spam like those of you who use AOL. Kinda glad I never opened an email account with any other service other than our primary service.

Love ya,