Sunday, December 4, 2011

Every evening…..

Since we do not watch TV or movies we have other rituals around here. Most every night we have an apple. Sherry isn’t crazy about peelings so I peel her apple and cut it up in small chunks. That way I get to eat the peelings. Then I cut one for me. I usually have some almonds with mine, lately it is pistachios. You ain’t gonna believe it, but my girl has started dipping her chunks in P-nut butter. then giving me the ‘MMMMMMMMM that is good’ thing.

She does some face book stuff, looking at  pictures of friends And family. In between she squeezes in the video card games. I go to a forum where I read & comment (to spread my vast knowledge). I enjoy the banter, most of the guys are educated, I mean at least a college degree. I learn some things, and then with some subjects, I say to myself, “self, do people really believe that stuff!”

I like meeting folks here in Blogland, I have also met some of the folks from that forum traveling around. One day I’d like  to meet Bonnie. She is a sweet lady from NC. She sometimes reads this drivel  and comments anonymously. She is easy to agree with.  She must be educated also, seems pretty smart. I enjoy smart folk with common sense.

I am amazed at folks who like to rewrite history. I am from the south. I love the south and I respect the fact that good men fought and died for what they thought was right. But the south LOST folks, and the South ain’t about to RISE again. It is the worst part of our USA history, so many men died, families split etc. I know there were a lot of reasons given for the war. But most do not hold water. It should not have happened.

So folks can go back and paint it anyway you want, we (the south) LOST big time. On the Appalachian trail there are 2 graves. Graves of 2 Union soldiers who were from the South. They were on leave and were trying to get back to see their families in North Carolina for Christmas, they were ambushed and killed by ‘friends’. How terrible is that. 


(Shelton’s graves)

WE LOST. And I certainly don’t ever want to see anything close to that.

I respect the Confederate flag. But I would not fly one. To some it is a racist thing for others it is a hateful thing, so I would not stir up any discontent, IT AIN’T WORTH IT!


Thanks for coming by the LOG.

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A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.

-- George Bernard Shaw


Here is a truck from the past:


1968 El Camino,( the ‘68 Malibu was the only car I ever got car fever about.)


Fred Alton said...

Thanks, Jack, for the insight into your life. I love apples ... peels with and/or without peanut butter! I'm in agreement on the horrific pain caused by America's Civil War. Thank God it's in the past. I'm a southerner who believes in equal rights for all races of men. I have said it before - I do not believe in illegal immigration.

That El Camino is a truck I used to envy. Never broke down and bought one though - probably because we couldn't get all the family inside the cab. Ha.

Paula said...

Humm peanut butter and apple peelings.

Ken Riches said...

I had an El Camino in 1984 (used), it was a pretty good car.

I do not do a whole lot on facebook, but do enjoy the blogs, do it while we watch TV though :o)

betty said...

I liked reading how you and Sherry spend your evenings; it is neat to have those rituals! I'm going to have to try apples and peanut butter sometime, it does sound good! Apples and caramel taste good together too!

I spent (way) too much time on blogs and starting to spend (way) too much time on FB too, LOL. People are into Pinterest, but I don't even want to consider going over there......

I liked the El Camino, FIL had one years ago, said it was the best guy he ever had and still misses it to this day.

Have a good evening!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Well an apple a day is good for you. It is really true and I know I should eat more of them my self. Peanut butter and apples does sound very good. So do the almonds and pistachios. I like them all! Now that you've made me hungry I guess I'll need to go get one. It's raining like crazy here. Nothing new. We have had so much rain this year that it makes me wonder where it's all going to. Better than snow though, we've only had a sprinkling of that.

~mel said...

We're apple eaters here too, then core feeders to the critters. Our evenings around here usually revolve around the television. Slim likes his NCIS and Criminal Minds and we like watching the Newlywed Game. We like seeing how well we can answer the questions after 35 years of marriage. Of course, I'm still the smart one :) or is that the smarty pants between the two of us??

Anonymous said...

I have been eating apples with peanut butter for a long time. I cut slices and smear peanut butter on each slice. Good Good Good.

Anonymous said...

Shirl72 it left before I could sign my name.
I am not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I wash (very thoroughly) and apple each night, core it, and put it a zip-close bag with some chunks of cheese for my husband to take with him. I like to try different apple varieties. Fuji and Gala are two of our favorites. I have recently tried the Jazz apple. It was very sweet and good, but I actually like a little more complexity in the flavor.
Grandpa grew winesaps, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and a few others.
Mama had a Grimes Golden that was the best for applesauce.
I'm hoping my husband is eating the peel. Sometimes I catch him eating the just the flesh and leaving the peel. If the peel is thin like on a Golden Delicious he will eat it.

On being educated - there is no education like the school of hard knocks, lol! And some people are, as Jerry Clower would have said, educated beyond their intelligence.


Gala apples are my favorite. Dipped in carmel. YUMMY. But after reading this I am going to have to try dipping them in peanut butter, like your wife. My husband doesn't care too much for apples, but he LOVES pistachios. I find myself watching more things on the internet than TV. Let's hope and pray we NEVER have another Civil War. Take care.

Amelia said...

I also like apples and peanut butter :-)

I'm not sure what I think about the confederate flag...