Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rainbow Springs in Florida

We are back at Rainbow Springs, near Dunnellon, Florida. I say back, we were here about to search out something new for us when we got the call to Ypsi, last winter. Johnny was in need of his Sister.  Well he didn’t know it yet, but he did need her.

So now we are back.  This is a beautiful place. This State park is divided into two parts. One where we are parked.


And another part over at the Spring headwaters, I hope this shot comes thru:


The next shots will be from the deck across in the center picture.  The kids are getting out of the water.


One swimmer left in this 72 degree water, he must be from Wisconsin. LOL the center picture you are looking down 10’ into the springs. This is listed as some of the Clearest water in the WORLD. Using some gauge that is explained on the plaques.  This spring produces a river. the input is 400 million gallons of pure water a day. This is the Rainbow river.


Seminole falls a small falls feeding the springs also.


We took time to walk the nature trail, called the yellow trail about 2.5 miles of nice Florida Flora.


I still don’t understand water. I stood at Niagara Falls, and wondered why it did not run out of water. I do the same with these springs. They amaze me.

We depart Rainbow tomorrow and meet up with Don & Evelyn at Three Flags. 

Then we are on to another State park. for Christmas.

Thanks for going along with us. As I make this entry, I think of the difference from, the beautiful Northern TRIO: Mel, Darla & Cher’s Blogs. All showing winter wonderlands with the snow. The most beautiful Christmas pictures are COLD Christmas pictures. The Best Christmas Songs and stories, are cool to cold ones. But folks in the warm weather also have Christmas and enjoy the picture postcard pictures from the Beautiful North Country.

So let’s all sing and enjoy the Christmas Season.

Nite Shipslog


How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.

Spanish Proverb

(I borrowed that Proverb from MA’s Blog. She digs out  some of the best quotes!!)


I had a terrible mishap yesterday, I accidentally deleted 12,000 pictures, many of my cars. I managed to get a lot of them back but in no order, so I will probably be repeating myself.


1958 Caddy, it’s red and I love it. Sorta Christmassy.


Anonymous said...

The park is beautiful...seeing water is relaxing.
Glad you are going back to see your friends
Don and Evelyn. Drive safe and hold it in the
road and sing Christmas Carols as loud as you would like.

Shirl72 Jack I may have to up my year.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I could easily do without the cold frozen north for sure. It is pretty to look at but to me that is about it. The kids were always afraid that if it didn't snow for Christmas Santa wouldn't be able to pull his sled. But we all know it flies in the air anyway. What a wonderful place that is I could just see myself going for a walk there. Now that it's cold out, my exercise is mostly going up and down the stairs here. Enjoy that beautiful weather. I agree Christmas will come even in warm and sunny Florida.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You can borrow any of the quotes any time. After all I borrowed them from someone else. Glad to share !

Lucy said...

Remember it was 3 degrees here. It is 6 now6 hrs later. Your pictures are great but it just made it feel colder here. It is beautiful and very interesting at the deepest part of the spring.


Rainbow Springs is just beautiful. That water is so crystal clear. This is a wonderful place to visit. You are so lucky. It must be so nice to hike through the park everyday. Have safe travels. Sorry to here about the car photos. Take care.

Amelia said...

I enjoyed the views in your pictures. Everything seems so tranquil.

I have always associated Christmas with the cold. Maybe that's why I don't like Christmas lol :p

betty said...

Oh no about losing your pictures! Glad you got some of them back! I'm sure that made your heart stop for just a bit!

Beautiful area where you guys are staying! That water does look so clear!

Had the snow, had the warmth for Christmas. I'll take the warmth any old day, LOL, and enjoy the pictures others post too!


~mel said...

Oh Jack and Sherry ~ I think I could handle a nice warm Christmas without the snow - and a dip in 72 degree water sounds heavenly. Unlike the goof balls up here that partake in the Polar Bear Plunge ~ jumping into a hole in the ice when it's 40 below ... brrr.

Fred Alton said...

That is a beautiful state park! You were very close to the Mullet eating place in Chrystal River there. If you didn't make it let's plan to do that when we come down in February, for sure! BTW - I walked .7 miles this morning on my treadmill in 20 minutes. and the doctor says I can drive to Chattanooga on Friday for our first meeting about taking chemo!

FlyingHorse2 said...

Nice to meet you or rather your blog. I live very near Rainbow Springs and can usually be found on the river in a kayak or fishing. It never ceases to amaze me when I look around, how I got so lucky as to live in this paradise. I too travel but you can only find me on the highways in the sky! Safe travels and blessings to you!