Sunday, April 22, 2012

I love coming home


Unity bulletin

(Josh & Stephen are our twin grandsons, we are very proud of them)


I love coming home….

Honest, I like it, I make plans as we travel for what would be nice back at our home base. Now that we are here I am putting legs to those plans. One problem we have had for years is storage. When we first decided to live full time we put our house up for sale. Get rid of every thing in the hose and basement and travel light.

First the house did not sale (a blessing in disguise), second calling in family and saying, “Take any and every thing you want, we are emptying the  house.” We got “Okay!” but actually nothing was taken except an old worn out stereo set.

So there was a rub. I am too cheap to pay $200 a month for storage, so I looked at an alternate, we bought a 53’x8’ trailer, for $1500. I figured that would pay for itself in a year. Knowing me and my crazy ideas, this full time traveling stuff in a motor home might not last more than a year. So we stored our ‘STUFF’ in a trailer and moved it onto some acreage we owned near by. It was in the woods so there was no problem with zoning, but 13 yrs ago.

We figured it is past time to get rid of a lot of that stuff and get it out of the rats and snakes way in the woods. Time to put any good stuff left in proper storage. That is what the storage building is all about. 

As an additional help, I plan to plumb it for a full size washer and dryer we can use when here at our home base. I thought about a full size shower, but that can wait.

Anyway now the floor is in place:

floor 001

Also, I have the rear high enough, after a little digging, for the mowers and yard tools:

floor 002

Mark will start the framing Monday. I am looking forward for this part.  As a builder I loved framing. Mark and I alone could frame and dry-in 1600 sq ft house in less than 5 days.  It was a fun job.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite shipslog

PS: Thanks for the keyboard advice, I think I hit some too hard with my fingernails.

Why didn’t Tarzan have a beard when he lived in the jungle without a razor?


Sherry in our first RV

Scanoldpic9 009 - Copy - Copy

I built our first RV, a pop-up camper. And we towed it with the Rambler in the back ground.

Scanoldpic9 050 - Copy

This was a camp site on the Blue Ridge parkway! (It leaked like a sieve!)


DD said...

You have a right to be very proud of your twin grandsons!!

I need storage space husband says I don't, because regardless of how much space I have, I will fill it and be back to needing more space. So the answer is to clear out and I am doing

I grew up in the building industry so I can relate to your framing up and drying in 1600 sq. ft. in a few days. Has to be fast for two. :)

Good post and pictures, as usual. I am sure they hold good memories.

I always wondered how Tarzan kept clean shaven!

Anonymous said...

It is said, that humans are intelligent because of having fingers - this entry a wonderful proof. Please have you all a good new week ahead.

momto8 said...

have fun with your planning and building!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful your grandson's are there while you are there. Being home is nice and it's nice to be able to travel the way you two do and still have a home base too. In a small way I have the best of both worlds too with my camper in the woods. We have snow predicted here tomorrow so I guess it's a good thing I have my comfy warm home. No camping yet for me for another week or so. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday with the family and friends there.

Sheila Y said...

You have been a busy beaver. Hope the rain doesn't interrupt your plans too much. Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Cannot wait to hear Josh and Steve
in Concert at Church. Those boys
are so talented.

Speaking of things stored think of what I have stuff from 3 people I had to down size. Thanks goodness
I have a place to put mine out-
of-sight. LOL

Building looks good.


Jean said...

Your new building is looking good
I know you and Sherry will enjoy having a large washer and dryer to use. I always have a load or more a day to wash here don't know where it all comes from, lol. like DD said you have a right to be proud grandparants to your gifted young men.You and Sherry take care. jean

Rose said...

You always amaze me creating new projects and not easy ones either!

I wish you were my next door neighbor....I have a list a mile long of repairs! LOL

You are a very talented man! I'm sure Sherry appreciates that very much.


Paula said...

How great to have twin grandsons and even greater they are talented.

Y said...

My husband insists that we every-so-often "give the place and enema" so that we don't need storage. The problem is that we have 8 1/2 acres with 6 out-buildings that we hardly ever see. Talk about rat traps...


Looks like your NEW storage area is starting to take shape. Sounds like a good idea putting in that washer and dryer. You MUST be so PROUD of your GRANDSONS.Enjoy the concert. take care.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm so glad that your grandsons are going to play music next week. And you are so busy with all your buildings! sandie