Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old People and doctor’s appointments

I think we have joined our friends, whom it seems, have a Dr’s appt  weekly. We were going to head for the mountains, BUT the Dr. said he wanted to see Sherry in 10 days.

My appointment for a sort of physical, was this morning at 0800. So I had to get up early. I forgot folks are out going to work at 0700, I thought when I quit, they quit! Oh well, I like being brought up to date.

All is well, I turned down every offer he made. Colonoscopy, shingle shot, Pneumonia shot, etc. Let’s wait until next year. I said. On the next blog entry if I don’t forget I will tell you the funny side of the visit.

After Sherry’s accident, folks have been nice.  Sherece, our super duper grand daughter, brought us a big container of Chicken Spaghetti, we got three big meals out of it. Evelyn brought some great cheese biscuits and a great pound cake.  The neighbor down the street brought  a doz  &  half of fresh brown eggs.

I fixed Sherry a Texas Omelet one morn. then Oat meal and cold cereal.  Yesterday I fixed BBQ chicken, rice and green beans.  Our Grand son Matt Dillon is in from college, so Luke Vegas, Henry (friend) and Matt ate with us.  Today was left over day, we had Veggie Pizza left overs.

Sherry did not rest well night before last Last night, she bedded down with me!!!!!!!

Life is good, you do what you can, pray it was right, and go on.

Take care, out there, they tell me it is a jungle.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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One more Blooper from Church bulletins:

Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered..


1955 merc capri

You have to love this I want to say Mercury Capri, but it is a Lincoln Capri.



Sorry Sherry is having some restless night because of the arm. She'll get used to it after a while. It's tough I know, in the meantime. I'm glad to hear folks are looking out for you, bringing you food and whatnot. Glad your family is gathering round. It is comforting for sure. take care.

shirl72 said...

Don't forget to tell us about
the funny at your Dr's visit.
How nice that everybody bringing
food now don't forget how to cook.

I hope Sherry will start getting


Fred Alton said...

So sorry to read about Sherry's arm. I'm waaaaay behind with the blogging. Sherry, we're praying for your complete healing. I finished chemo #9 today. Only 4 more to go!!!

Louis la Vache said...

Indeed, it is a Lincoln Capri! Mercury used the name later (late '70s) on a sport coupe they imported from Ford of Germany.

betty said...

I like your saying "no" to all the things the doctors wanted done, Jack. I'm with you; I'm not sure how effective preventative health really is; but that's another post for another day!

So glad for the generosity of others during this time to help you and Sherry! I think that's what we do, we can't do much but make a meal sometimes and pray but that is more than so much!

I hope Sherry's further nights are much more restful!


Paula said...

Sorry Sherry is not resting well. John just got a shingle shot. After I read the papers I passed on it with my low immune system.

Jean said...

I'm with you about the colonoscopy I want have it done either. Grover took the shingle shot a few years back I think it was a good thing for him, not me. Lol.I don't remember ever having the chicken pox. That is so nice of your friends and grandchildren to bring you all that good food. I hope Sherry is feeling well soon. Sherry you're in my prayer. Take care. jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At least you are there where you have friends and family around. It makes a big difference for sure. Hope Sherry feels better soon. Rest is a big part of healing. It's chilly here this morning and the furnace is running. Hopefully it'll warm up again soon. The sun is out anyway!

Lucy said...

Tell Sherry even if she doesn't know it she has my company on restless nights. I have probably only had 2 decent nights sleep since all this happened, I do hope she gets along well. I would not stray to far from her doctor's. Great that your neighbors brought food the early stages. We weren't so lucky. We may have got some beer and some crooked food bamk food. Joe is no cook but he tries.

DD said...

Yes, it is a jungle out here!!!

Lol...take care.

Anonymous said...

Your life is good because you make it so...& you appreciate what you have.

Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes ! Wonderful when family eats together indeed.

Yes, it is a jungle.