Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You save some things!

Notice: I knew I would miss someone when I was naming Blogger friends, so far I have noticed I missed one GUY! My friend from Miami the politically correct (always) JIMMY! Sorry pal, I always enjoy your tales of youth, hot rods and family fishing!!!

TODAY, May 15th

By my count we have moved about 24 times since we were married. Many things have been lost in all the moves. But today, we have had a good bit of rain.  too bad to move anything, so I busied my self at arranging the storage areas.

I moved about a hundred (?) picture albums, I dare you to move your albums without looking at a lot of pictures. We have used a lot of different types of notebooks and albums over the years, but the most unique, is this one:

old stuff and new girl 004

Belmont High School 55/56

old stuff and new girl 001

My High School note book. You can see I spent a lot of time paying attention to the teachers. Yes, I have always enjoyed drawing. Sherry was not a childhood sweet heart, I met her when we moved to Belmont, NC.  She attended the church Dad Pastored. She was a grade ahead of me in school, but we did share one class, I have mentioned that, it was French.

Sherry just informed me that we did not go together while we had the French class. But the next year.

old stuff and new girl 002_edited-1

Back of the note book.

(Note my dirty rag, I tried to photo shop a right eye in the rag man, but the rest is just the way it lay!)

So  I opened and read some of the notes I made, I will only show the covers. LOL That has survived 57 years and 24 moves.  Plus the time in storage with the rats and mice.

Sherece agreed to come over and help mama put her famous lasagna together, since Sherry’s wing is broken. She came over and brought what’s her name?(STELLA!) She even smiled at me today.

The kicker was, Corinne came over. Corinne is Sherece’s mother. We haven’t seen her much since the divorce, but it is always a pleasure to see her. She is a lovely lady, and was a wonderful daughter in law.  Don't you just hate divorce!!!

old stuff and new girl 007

Luke sitting

old stuff and new girl 008

Matt holding Stella and Corinne in the center, Reece with her head turned.

Anyway it was so good to see Corinne, she brought Sherry a Mother’s day card (as always). We sure miss that girl.

Matt and Luke came out to see their niece and mom too!

Being home does have some perks.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog!

PS: One more Church Bulletin Blooper:
Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM . Please use the back door.


Corinne and Sherry in happier times.

scan1990-91 020

Corinne and our precious Grand daughter Sherece.



A truck load of 1954 Fords, could be 1953 but the grill looks like the parallel bar is split to me, so I will say ‘54.


betty said...

Such sweet pictures! Glad all got to spend time with each other and that included a visit with Stella; always love the little ones! I can imagine after all those years there would be quite a lot of pictures that accumulated. When we moved from Montana, I went through all our albums, pulled the pictures out of them, shredded a lot of them (how many pictures does one need of the Grand Canyon, LOL) and put them in a big bin. I'm in the process of going through that bin again, sorting again, thinning out, shredding. These days all of our pictures are on the computer with memory stick backup. It is more fun to sit down with an album though and look back.

I bet that one from your high school days brought back so many memories!

hope it is sunny today!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good to see that I am not the only one that has to save some things. I remember the days of those notebooks and how we decorated them with hearts and flowers. Everyone had a very unique notebook. Glad you are getting to enjoy those visits from family. It is wonderful to be around for all the hugs and smiles they bring into our lives. Have a terrific Tuesday. It's another bright and sunny day in Ohio.

Sheila Y said...

Your rag looks a little grumpy. What a nice visit with everyone. Little Stella is so precious. We got a lot of rain too. Stay dry, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Glad to see everybody together
Stella is growing. Matt knows
how to hold her that is sweet.
Nice looking family glad to see
the pictures.


Louis la Vache said...

Those are '53 Fords, Jack.
The side trim was different on the '54s.

Anonymous said...


Please have you all a good Wednesday.

Chatty Crone said...

You have been busy again. I love to look at old pictures and you sure had the opportunity to do that today.

Divorce hurts everyone. It amazes me how you can stand and say you will love forever and then don't.

Life is hard. But God is good.


DD said...

Jack, you have so many interesting blogger friends that you can not count them all. You are blessed!

I thought I had moved a lot...you have me beat...lol.

Moving an album without stopping to look at pictures is like eating one potato chip, near impossibility, haa.

Your drawings are nice, especially in that they were done in highschool, but your dirty rag stole the show!

Your blog is always very interesting.

Y said...

Isn't it amazing how many memories our hearts can hold?


Your notebook is a work of art. You were sweet on your girl, for sure. And here you are all these years later. i am so impressed with your photo albums. Our pictures are in a BIG old box in the attic. Goodness knows what has been crawling through them. Divorce takes it's toll, but friendships can come of it. dinner sounded good. take care.