Monday, January 18, 2016

Death and taxes… No exemptions from Death

Tax time, lots of folks looking for Exemptions!

David Bowie, of course I knew the name but I really did not know who he was. However I have learned He had millions of fans. He recently died after a bout with cancer. He was 69 years old.  I remember a time I thought 60 was old, but NOW, I KNOW better. We lost Sherry’s mom when she was only 61 years of age and my dad at 69, now I see that as young. Many who read this have lost children, parents and mates too young. I lost two ‘sweet nephews’. One, Howard, a super guy, a young hard working husband, father and businessman at 36, the other a good guy who misunderstood life, at 43.

In your youth, you are invincible, Age won’t lay a glove on you, or so you think. But as surely as a clock keeps on ticking, we are using up our lifetime.

War has taken many young men and women, whose lives lay before them. Drugs and Alcohol have taken many before their time. Life is precious.  What is a year worth?  How much of his fortune would Elvis have given for one more year of life?

It is not just infamous people like ‘El Chapo’, who profit off the misery of those hooked, that ARE GUILTY! BUT ALSO our society that places on pedestals, the entertainers and high rollers, who USE, and joke about it.

My heart cries when people ‘IGNORANTLY’ smash the ‘hourglasses' of life. Throw away their days, months and years, early.  Just for a little more ‘fun’. It was once just the kids, experimenting and getting hooked. Now it is moms and dads, while filling a ‘God given roll’, who use drugs. They leave behind kids, confused, with broken hearts and questions forever, “MOM! DAD! Why did you do it, I loved you so much?”

Someone very close to me told me when they were ‘hooked’, that they delivered drugs by appointment from a brief case, to Doctors, lawyers, and sports stars in a limo and wearing a suit, thus leaving the appearance of, business as usual.  Business as usual? Not a good thought.

We can do better than this, can’t we?

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Paula said...

Do you know what "El Chapo" means? I just read it this morning. It means short and stocky.

betty said...

So true that death is the great equalizer, we may escape paying taxes but we all ultimately will die. Even people like David Bowie and so many more than have lots of money can't win when it comes to cancer.

It is sad about the use of drugs. I did know of some doctors that did use some things, but then you think of their crazy schedules, who can manage that day after day after day? So something is wrong with the system; just don't know how to get it fixed.


Unknown said...

It is so sad when a person ruins their life by drugs. They are making a person rich who could care if you are hooked, More money for them. Glad EL Chapo was arrested he will get out on bond because people that are hooked need their drugs. He also knows how to escape.

Glenda said...

Agree with you that too many find their "escape from reality" in drugs. Never understood the excessive use and it's sad. Lost a couple of notables this week and too young. Seems like fame, talent or creativity doesn't protect them from the ultimate place it takes them regardless, we're all going to go one day ~ you are so right on with this post.

Mevely317 said...

Thought-provoking, to be sure.
You're right about young men/women feeling 'bullet-proof' ... why, they can stop anytime they choose.

Fortunately, my parents had me Scared Straight what would happen if I were to try illegal substances ... or climb aboard a motorcycle, even!

Ya, Life is precious.

Lisa said...

When I went for my yearly physical, they took my vitals. Next was not even a question but was "tell me what drugs you are currently taking". huh? "Oh, Im not on any". She looked at me and said "I rarely see a women over 40 that's not on something. So I said....Ok I take Allegra daily for my allergies. She just laughed. I didnt laugh. I thought it was sad.

Tylenol is my drug choice. works just fine.

Jackie said...

The question "What is a year worth?" Is a deep one.
Such wisdom you have, Jack.
Such wisdom.......

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is sad that while some desperately try to hang on to life, others throw it away. I read a disturbing article that said there were 69 overdose deaths in our county alone last year. That is a very scary thing. Life is so precious and so fragile.

Rick Watson said...

It happens in most families. My younger brother died after he fractured his back and got hooked on pain medicine during his recovery. He didn't stop using the medicine even when his back got better.
They trashed his liver and that's what killed him at the age of 35. It still pains me to think of how many other families have similar stories.