Thursday, January 14, 2016

Just A bit of Pizza Crust!

Grandson Ben was just beginning to walk, when he was whisked away from us. Once when we were eating Pizza, before he left us, he toddled over to Grandma’s 5 gal glass jug in which she was saving pennies. He dropped a small hunk of crust down the neck, and I never tried to fish it out. At the time the jug was about half full and over the months and years the crust was covered with pennies. It had worked itself over to the side and was always visible, although buried. I dropped the pennies from work in the jug every day, so I saw that crust every day he was missing from us and saw that smile. It was a special reminder.

Sherry carries a piece of paper with a bit of advice on it given to her by her mother. It is always a connection to mama.  She still has a floor fan that occupied the center of their living room as she grew up, and her mama’s cedar chest.

There are things, smells, places that stir things from the past, most of them ‘smiley’ times. I love our screen savers. The screen saver is ‘My Pictures’ and there times we just sit and watch as our past randomly pops up in front of us.

There is a spot where one of my treasures lie. It is in the basement of this motor home. It is a simple scrap of plywood with a note on it. I wrote it to son Mark on one of the last houses we built together. By this time he had his own construction company. It is a simple note that reads “I’m at Henry St. job to install the bathtub.” A simple gesture we did all the time to keep the other aware of what was going on. We would grab a scrap of wood or sheetrock and scribbled the note, and nail it to a stud.  I take the little piece of plywood out and smile at times. We had a good working relationship.
(Yeah it is my first car again, when I see one of these, my memory does flip flops)

I think everyone’s brain must store those special ‘things’ that are the key to special occasions. Remembering is one of the pleasures of life, as we age.  Do you have a special ‘thing’ that brings a deep satisfied smile?

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betty said...

That was cute with the pizza crust; he was saving it for a rainy day :) Certain smells bring back memories, like bread making or walking by someone's house cooking bacon, brings back Saturday mornings growing up and having bacon and eggs; wouldn't do it other mornings of the week in a rush to get to school but a treat on Saturdays :)


Lisa said...

I have a dated and signed note saved that says " I will never break your heart". My husband stuck it in my pocket when we were dating. He has held true to this note. I have it put up in a safe place. I come across it sometimes and it makes me smile.

Pizza crust is the best part.

Jackie said...

I love the memories that flood yours and Sherry's days and evenings. Special. Very special.
When husband and Daddy and I were working on restoring a house, I scribbled a note on the subflooring with the date that we were installing it.
I smiled to see that you left notes to your son much the same way.
Love this post....

Rick Watson said...

Every wrinkle in my brain has memories hiding there:)
Good post Jack.

Unknown said...

Rick said every wrinkle in his brain had memoires. Every wrinkle in my face has memories, a reminder I am getting older. Now don't go there I think I will stay this age. I am thankful I wake up every morning and in good health. I remember when I was about 6 or 7 I would tell everybody about a month everyday when my Birthday was. Odis told Mother if she tells me one more time I am going to flush her down the commode. That was a good laugh.

Mevely317 said...

Bittersweet, that story of Ben's pizza crust!
This. This is the stuff that makes grown women grow teary-eyed.

I've so many bits and pieces. But, what immediately came to mind was momma's hankie. As a child I never cared much for them, but I don't recall a time she was without.
It was probably a year or more after she passed, I went to try on her coat, plunged my hands down keep in the pocket and felt this scrap of cloth. What?
Long forgotten ... but I swear that silly floral hankie still retained a sweet, familiar aroma. To this day, I keep it in my purse wherever I go.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've saved many things here at my house that bring back good memories. The mementos to times past that remind me of those I love. It could be said that my house is a walking talking memorial. I save way too much stuff, but who can part with things like this. The pizza crust in the jar is definitely an original way to remember precious and dear to you.