Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birthday to Jude Atticus Darnell

Jude Atticus Darnell , Jan 31, 2015 5:40 AM 8 lb 6 OZ

From birth to high school graduation seems ages when one is doing it.  But to parents, not so much. You sit and wonder how did that baby get this big and me not notice!  LOL

So here is to Great Grandson Jude Atticus, You are one year old but you will not remember it, HOWEVER Mom, Dad, and the grands will remember it all of your life.  To your chagrin at times.
 Jude and his dad Stephen
 Jude and his Grandpa Jack Jr
 Jude and his mama Jennifer and Dad Stephen
I apologize I do not have a picture up to date. WE're still in Florida. 
Happy First Birthday to Jude 
This is Jude and Jennifer his mama!

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Mevely317 said...

I can't believe that beautiful boy is a year old already!

Happy birthday, Master Jude ... this old world's a much nicer place with you in it!

Glenda said...

Happy Birthday to Jude, he is a darling :)

Jackie said...

Happy birthday, sweet young man.....
Happy Happy first birthday!!!!

betty said...

Happy birthday Jude! This year sure went by fast! Can't believe you are a year old already!


Rick Watson said...

I hope that youngun has had a great day!

Paula said...

He has grown so fast, but isn't that what he is supposed to do? Soo cute too.

Sheila Y said...

Happy Birthday Jude! You are a cutie! Time passes too fast for us older folk. Jack and Sherry, hope y'all are staying warm and dry, Sheila

Lisa said...

What a cutie pa tootie! Happy Birthday to Jude.

I love his names

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to Jude! He is a cutie and the year did pass off fast it wants seem long before he will be two. They grow up so fast. A while back my eleven year old granddaughter ask me, will you and granddaddy still be living when I get to be a teenager. Um! Take care. Jean