Saturday, January 23, 2016

Something pleasant.

The park we are in now is next to a fair ground. There is a flea and farmer’s market there one day a week. We walked over for an exercise trip.

The veggies looked delicious.  Some folk know how to display all the Reds, greens, yellows, oranges and purple.  It is actually a beauty to behold.

It has been a long time since buying bell peppers, I couldn't pass up a mixed color basket for $2.  I really do not trust Florida tomatoes, but one young man had cut some wedges of his for samples, very good, so we got a basket of tomatoes.  Growing up I called the ‘grape, cherry, salad’ tomatoes ‘Tommy-toes’, so I had to have a basket of those.
On the way out we saw ½ bushel of oranges for $6. We sampled the young lady’s oranges and bought those also.
The first thing I did when we got home was cut a bell pepper, and eat some cherry tomatoes. DELICIOUS!

Then I thought of a piece of Plexiglas Mark needed so I walked back over to get it.  On the way back I just had to have two of the red fruit Grapefruits at one stand.

WE have been snacking on fresh veggies. Pleasant is the feeling. I took the above picture a day later.
 (The oranges hang outside, what we do not eat we will juice)

Son Mark came up for some of his mama’s fish stew and we cut him a window out of the Plexiglas until his replacement window is delivered. On the interstate a driver had brushed one of the construction barrels and spun it into his mirror that broke off and shattered his window. He was not hurt but lost his mirror and window. The Plexiglas worked perfect.

He enjoyed snacking on the cherry tomatoes, almost as good as Aunt Shirl's.

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betty said...

Glad Mark was safe, but what a mess to have to deal with the broken glass! That fish stew sounds delicious! What a great assortment of things you got from the farmer's market; all look yummy! Enjoy!


Sheila Y said...

Those colorful veggies look tasty. We survived the great storm, but we are cold. Love from cold, white NC, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

Those veggies look amazing! What a bright spot in an ordinary winter day.

Wouldn't the folks in New York City be going nuts for those grapefruit and peppers right about now?

Unknown said...

The veggie look so delicious. Made me want to go find some tomatoe plants and plant them in front of the double doors where sun comes in. Guess I will wait until Spring. I have never had any luck with planting seeds or I would
try. We still have snow Sun came out for awhile but didn't melt much. I'm sure Church will be called off but some roads are clear. I called Ann and ask if she and Daisy would go to the store and get me bread and milk we had a good laugh. Well guess I will get in my chair and settled down for the evening and enjoy the snow.

Paula said...

Those fresh vegetables look so good. I have been cooking a lot of deer sausage from my son-in- law cooked with green onions and red pepper, hash browns and garlic pepper tucked into tortillas.

Jackie said...

Your produce looks beautiful.
I had a grapefruit last night after supper. It was my first grapefruit of the season.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love fresh veggies and fruit. I miss the farmers roadside stands that we visit in the summer. Of course we don't have fresh oranges here, but the ones in the grocery store have been pretty good. Hope you have warmed up some. We're supposed to get above freezing here for a couple of days. It'll feel like a heat wave for us. Happy Sunday !

Rick Watson said...

Our local produce market hasn't opened since Christmas. He's had illness in his family and I fear things have gotten worse. You produce looks scrumptious. Jilda's will be envious.

Lisa said...

Oh man! I was just telling Nick yesterday how I wish I had a bell pepper. Those veggies look great and are making me think about summer time. You know they don't look that good here in the Carolinas in the Middle of January. Tommy Toes are my favorite type of tomato unless I eating a big fat tomato sandwich.

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