Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Live Long enough And You Will......

Make a few mistakes.
If you are a man, you just might go bald.

You will probably need cataract surgery.
Live long enough and you will find one person no matter how hard you try, you cannot get along with them.

Live long enough, and you will usually gain weight.
Live long enough and you will lose someone that you thought you would have forever.

Of course then one will die, the very person you needed to answer one more question.  Every day that goes by in the winter of my life, I think of someone I truly loved, that has ‘left the building (of life)’. When you live long enough more of your family and friends are on the other side of that dark line we call death.

There are several friends here in Bloggersville that are older than I.  One sweet lady told me the other day, “Jack, 82 sucks!”  When you get 82 you can speak your mind. LOL
I was telling my Sherry the other day, when I get old I will say what I want to.  Then she says, “Honey, you ARE OLD!” (I DID NOT ask her that!) :-o
This blog is not a downer, I know life ends for individuals, BUT it does not end for the ones left. So we face the facts of living LONG, and try to make it GOOD!  I think there is a challenge there, no one should throw in the towel when a loved ones leaves.  We have all seen that, and it isn’t pretty.

There may be that one in a million that would like for everyone left to be miserable, but most want the living to go on living.

I have said a few things about living long enough,
BUT you will never live long enough to have all of life‘s questions answered.

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betty said...

That is so true, Jack, with your final thought; you will never live long enough to have all your questions answered. I think too when we are young we conveniently forget that our parents won't be around forever; its only after they pass that we realize there were so many questions still left to be asked; I know I have that in my own life and there is no one alive that will know the answers.

I tell hubby on occasion that if I pass before him to mourn me for a bit but then get back to living and to find a good wife the next time around :)


Mevely317 said...

Chills ..and smiles at the same time! You've a real gift, Jack, for sharing a meaningful topic with good-natured humor. Love Betty's mention of believing our parents would be here forever. I think suddenly losing my dad when I was but 31 finally made me grow up.

Jackie said...

I've said it before, and I will say it are a WISE man, Jack. So very wise.....
Glad we met here in blogland.

Rick Watson said...

You nailed it Jack. The more I learn about life the more I realize I don't know squat.