Thursday, January 28, 2016

There is a sad feeling

When I hear of what I consider of a waste of a life or what I see as a 'thrill seeker' who bets their life on a challenge and loses, I get a sad feeling down inside.

Headlines a few days ago screamed 'Two dead while 'base jumping' from a bridge."
"Man falls to his death while attempting to scale a wall of a hotel in NYC."

It is something I do not understand. Betting a fortune, buying a lottery ticket, etc, I can understand. That is gambling 'things', but a life?  It can never be replaced if one bets and loses. Some bet, others watch. Some cheer, others cringe.
(Remember him?  We drove out to Idaho's Snake River Canyon to see where the attempt to jump it was made)
It is not just the poor or ignorant, but at times it is someone famous, wealthy or very talented.  I was fortunate to meet Bobby Allison  when I was a Roach Coach Driver and he drove for Gatorade. I was sick when his son Davey, also a very promising driver, and a one time winner at Daytona, was killed 'playing with his Helicopter'. Then there was John Denver and his experimental plane. 

I don't understand the 'rush' to run with the Bulls in Spain.

I am a thrill seeker, but not in such a way as to endanger my life.  But maybe that is the point, these other folk don't see it as gambling with their lives, they must 'know inside' that THEY WILL WIN!

I can remember as a kid wanting to be one of "Joey Chitwood's Hollywood Hell drivers." So I can understand the dream of being a 'show-off'. 

So I guess I am judging others thru my 'very wise (not)' eyes.  Of course no one sets out to kill themselves in the sort of actions I have described, if they knew for sure this would be the last time, THEY would not continue. It just seems some folk cheat death so many times, they take it too lightly.

Some folk take a warning, others ignore them.

I hope I am as wise as I think I am when it comes to protecting my own life.

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betty said...

I think they are looking for a thrill they can't get anywhere else in their lives so they take these risky chances. I feel for their families who watch them pursue these thrills, wondering if they are going to be successful or wondering if they will be mourning them.


Lisa said...

Betting on their life is exactly what they are doing. People will gamble away their tomorrow to be in the spotlight today.

I think that hike is still ok Jack.

Unknown said...

I'm to afraid to try things I don't like to get hurt. I think some people like to live on the edge. Getting on the road and driving is a challenge today.
Dodging and people stopping in front of you with no signal. I am becoming
a real dare devil driver and it is fun...heheheheheh

Mevely317 said...

I agree with Shirl ... my everyday commute is a challenge in of itself! Seriously! Like Betty said, there must be something missing from their lives.
I just don't get it. Even with all it's warts and bruises, Life is still pretty grand.

Paula said...

I agree with every thing you say here. No life gambling here. Well I'm too old now but wouldn't when I was young.

Rick Watson said...

I was a bit of a dare devil when I was young and stupid...when I thought I'd live forever. But I'm very mindful of my health and safety these days. I thin it's a function of seeing too many young people die too soon doing foolish things.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with you. I've never been a thrill seeker but have know some who were. Nothing too daring, just more than I'd ever do. Life is short enough without wasting it.

Sheila Y said...

I'm with Shirl, the most daring thing I do is drive in traffic. We saw Snake River Canyon on our move from Texas to Washington state. It was impressive and photos don't do it justice. I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. Take care, Sheila