Tuesday, January 5, 2016


After hearing a word the other day I thought it was nice to hear something that reminds me of my youth. The simple word 'Clockwise'. That word will soon run it's course if it hasn't already.

I am not a word master, I wish I were, but at best my vocabulary is close to 8th grade (my 8th grade, 1953). Growing up I never noticed words came and went, but they did.  That's 'COOL'.

An old man (probably 65 lol) asked me the other day, "How y'all doing?"  I answered fine and asked how he was, he answered, "Fair to Middling."  Then he asked if I knew what that meant.  Of course I do, I wasn't sure he did though.

I only know it because I took a crip course in HS, 3hrs at the local textile school in Belmont. Fair to middling is a cotton grade. Telling how long the cotton staple (fiber). you pull the cotton apart and if the average is 1/2", it is fair, then 1/2 to 1" of fiber is 'fair to middling' (is above average) and 1" is middling, very good. Well that is the way I remember it. That was in 1954-55 methinks, so I could be wrong in the lengths.  That grade determined the price the farmer was paid for a crop.

Remember the phrase: 'A monkey's uncle'.
                                        Jumping Jehoshaphat!

I noticed on the web some college was listing words banned from its campus.  I thought about a friend who said on a forum lately that he would be happy to never hear certain words ever again, one was Kardashian.  I think I agree.

I guess the oldest I remember is, "I'll be a son of a gun." (I have no idea what that meant), but I do remember a book by Lewis Grizzard : "My daddy Was a Pistol, I'm a Son of A Gun".

"I've got it 'Made in the Shade'. Don't Touch that Dial! ( guess the word dial is gone for good)."
Then there is 'Carbon Copy' remember that?  What about 'you sound like a 'Broken record'?'
Sister Shirl hanging Bobby,Me and Guy Abee out to dry!

Have you ever been "Hung out to dry?" Bonney  over at  "Organic Discourse" still hangs her clothes out, but the term "Hung out to Dry" referred being left in a position (in an office) to fend for yourself on a position others had taken with you, but backed out when the rubber met the road. You were in it alone or 'hung out to dry'. YOu had to 'FAce the Music'.

Do you remember any term or word you  no longer hear?

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember the phrases you mentioned. Really never knew about the middling though even though I've used the expression. Can't think of any other ones but if one comes to mind I'll let you know. Moving slowly this morning in Ohio, in more ways than one !

Jackie said...

I haven't thought about those phrases, Jack, until you mentioned them. They are all-too-familiar ones to me, and I love reading your blogpost because you speak of and remind me of things I hadn't thought of.
Wise man you are, Jack. Very wise....

betty said...

Its funny how some sayings come to be; I think the younger generation will miss out of some of these great classics, but then of course they are coming up with their own sayings :)


Lisa said...

My Daddy used to say "Cotton Pickin" in place of a bad word.
Example: "Someone needs to take out the cotton pickin trash!"

Later Gator

Sheila Y said...

Welcome home from your cruise, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Finally got caught up on all my blogs. Enjoyed all the pics from the cruise. I've heard all those phrases you mentioned. I hope you are having a warm, sunny day in Florida. We are a bit chilly here. Take care, Sheila

Rick Watson said...

I have a dirty one that my friend Joe taught me when I was VERY young - You're shit out of luck. Which means you are going DOWN.

shirl72 said...

You boys didn't stay on the line long enough to dry. I remember some
of the words. I drive a Jalopie Holy Mackerel I still use these words.Gee Whillikers --Holy Moley--Cut a rug--Hunky Dory. Heaven to Betsy I am starting to sound like a broken record. See you later alligator.

Mevely317 said...

That's pretty interesting about 'fair to middling.' Yes, I recall each of these fondly; it's a bit sad to think they're fading into oblivion.
That photo of you boys is a hoot!

Paula said...

We had a friend who used "Fair to Middling" all the time. I don't think she knew the true meaning either and I sure didn't.

Unknown said...

I never knew middling was a better grade than fair! I never knew the phrase "fair to middling" described cotton fiber lengths.
The phrase "right smart" to mean a considerable amount is one I like, but don't hear used much.