Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Piggy Banks

I cannot remember when we did not have a piggy bank.  Once when I ran a Roach Coach I never deposited pennies, so they filled piggy banks then a 6 gal glass jug. We finally decided to give them to the kids so we ‘canned them’ filled quart jars and divided them with the boys and their kids.  I cannot remember how many qts they got, but it was more than 6-8.

One time was a tragedy to us. Someone broke into our house once and we did not notice the Big Pig was gone. About a 5 gallon size. A few days after the break-in I went into the A/c room and there was Mr Pig. DEAD dropped and broken and of course his valuables gone. This time there had been bills and change in him.

BUT most of the time Sherry held all her change for the year and whether in Piggy, or a small basket, or now in a cup! Fall was the time for the Grand kids to get together and count ‘their haul’ before we went to the County Fair.  It was a fun time with lots of laughing and joking.  We will never forget those trips.

I think every kid should have a Piggy Bank.  I was just under our bed putting up the Christmas decorations and noticed Sherry’s last Piggy is there, Maybe this year we will have a Hog Killing. There is another one in our junk in North Carolina, We may have a BIG HOG killing.

Our life for the past 10-15 years has not been conducive for a Big Pig. I finally put the last one (About ½ gallon size) under the bed a year ago. Since then Sherry has been using the ‘New York’ coffee cup.

Savings has always been a part of our lives. But there comes a time, like about now, when we no longer need to save. Time to give or spend.

I am thinking of the best way to Give ‘things & stuff’ away and it be equal. Not big stuff, most do not have room for their own accumulated STUFF much less adding to it.

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Shirl is the Pig person in our family, she loves 'em.
 Dinner time, is when you are hungry, evidently location doesn't count!



betty said...

Haven't had a piggy bank in years; might get one for the new baby due to next month and start filling it with coins :) (Not that I spend money; I tend to my debit card more than anything). That would have been sad to see the pig broken when you guys got robbed. Not only because of the money taken, but the memories too of saving.

My brother in law comes from a family of 5 siblings. One year when all the kids were home for Christmas, his mom had them mark what they wanted as far as things in the house. They settled anything right then and there if more than one wanted the same thing. Its different though for other valuables; then I think one must go with their heart. A musical instrument to someone who plays, jewelry to someone who appreciates it, etc. I bet you will figure out a fair system when it comes time to do so.


Lisa said...

We have a large commercial size water bottle full of pennies. We counted them once by weight but can't remember how much we came up with. It was not as much as it looked. I do know that it weighed more than its value.

That's a lot of pennies for your thoughts

Mevely317 said...

There's something so endearing about a piggy bank ... I agree, every kid (or kid-at-heart) should have one!

Like Betty, I'm a debit-card sort of gal. Now, Tom accumulates his change in an 'Alladin's Lamp' and we usually treat ourselves to a nice dinner each year on our anniversary. Come to think of it, we totally forgot to raid it last year!

Unknown said...

I do love Baby Pigs. They are intelligent I have read about them.
Lady Pig is sitting right here beside me. Have two pigs sitting in the Kitchen. I can't remember if we had piggy banks growing up. If we did I'm
sure it would not sit there to long,

Paula said...

The first pig bank reminds me of mine which I've had since school. Someone drew my name at Christmas and that is what he gave me. I also have a cowboy boot with plastic sides so I can see it's full of pennies. Like this entry.

Jackie said...

What kind of scum steals the money out of someone's piggy bank!! Grrrr.
The same king of thug that breaks into ones' home, I'm supposing.
Makes me mad all over....
Sending you and Sherry another hug....and thanking you for praying for my blogging friend.
Means so much to me to know that my friends will lift a prayer request to our Lord. Thank you, Jack.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I still have my piggy bank from when I was a kid. It sits on the dresser and every now and then I dust it off. It is full and although it has been emptied many times, I keep it full. I'm not sure where I got it now, but I'm thinking it was a souvenir from one of the few family trips we ever made. That would make it well over 50 years old now.