Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The next book

I finally got back to my book.  This one should be a breeze, it is mostly about the Appalachian Trail. It gives me one BIG problem, I want to try again. It is amazing how much fun it is walking in the woods and having a destination most people would never think of.  It is really hard to imagine a person saying, I am going to take six months and walk from Georgia to Maine or vice versa.  To start with, the ones that can do it are between HS and college,  college and graduate work OR Old and retired. (We tried, but we did not do it in one year, it took several, old folks strain things, and must take a break to heal.  LOL)

                      (Sherry in the Smokys, about a mile north of New Found Gap)
The Hike takes Someone who can, and is willing to eat Ramein noodles and dried fruit for six months.  With an occasional binge of all he pizza you can eat.  After over 1800 miles I still like Ramein noodles, Sherry hates them.

I started this entry because as I write, I want to go back. Although I know (I think) I am too old to be traipsing around in the Mountains, woods and plains. BUT, but there is a guy from Shelby, NC who did do a thru hike at 80 years of age.  I told Sherry I think I will wait until I am 85 and try to set a new record.  She laughs and sorta rolls her eyes.
                             (The old man taking a pack-off break)
Any way, I am enjoying this book, I was hoping to do a 200 page book, but I don't think I am capable of that, it will probably be 375, not good.
                                    (Over looking God's Thumb Print, in Virginia)
Well, I sat here for 5 days waiting for some stirring of the writing juices, finally today I wrote a chapter, and I am hooked again
(Not all plans work out, this is supposed to be the best view on the Virginia trail, we hit clouds)

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PS: I have been asked, why Ramein noodles? The answer is simple, they are light!


betty said...

When you finish writing it, Jack, I'll read it :) I always do enjoy when you write about your and Sherry's experiences on the trail. Its something I'll never do so its fun to hear about it through other people's eyes.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Since you are writing about something you love, it should be a good one ! I love seeing the pictures of you all on the trail. Fact is though that never, even in my younger days, would I be able to do a stint like that. I never have cared for those kind of noodles ! Ha!

Lisa said...

Do what you love and love what you do! Your never to old. It takes a journey to get to the other side. Love the pictures. Wtg on the new book!

I love those noodles!

Lisa said...

Hey Jack. off subject....Whats the tattoo of? You should share your story behind it.

Mevely317 said...

I can't begin to imagine that trek ... not to mention consuming dried fruit on purpose. LOL!

Love how you said you're enjoying this book. That's something I never heard an author say! All the same, it makes it (the book) sound that much more appealing.

Rick Watson said...

This is an excellent idea Jack. I'd love to walk the trail but my knees wouldn't allow it just now. I'm excited for you. Knock that baby out.

Paula said...

I like Ramen Noodles but at home I can add things to them. Don't think I could eat them for that long. Humm don't know about that dried fruit. Your book will be interesting.

Jackie said...

An amazing journey for you both...
I'm so impressed.
Very proud!!