Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Tattoo!

Friend Lisa of :(  is too observant. She  pays attention to detail.  On one of the photo's I posted she noticed a tattoo on my upper left arm. 

An over abundance of Tattoos has been a problem for me thru the years. One of those started when I hired a young man many years ago. Back when only bikers, seemed to be covered in tat's. He was a big guy.  His ink was only on his arms. Todd is a teddy bear, but he had been pretty rough in his earlier years.  He worked for us for years, finally he has his own business. I  saw him the other day and had dinner with him.
(Me, Todd and son Mark.  Todd was down helping Mark on his latest house in Port Richey.)

Anyway, I could not send him on a job without first explaining to the customer, Todd is really a great guy.  Once I was building beside an empty acre  of nothing but weeds. The owner came over, and very nastily said, do not come over on this side of the line. I smiled and said, "No problem, and I didn't see one."

A week later I left Todd alone to direct a concrete truck pouring a footer. I didn't think to tell Todd about the lot. The front wheel of the truck went into the weeds about two feet and the owner  'cussed' Todd. Todd told me "I apologized, but it didn't seem to satisfy him."

I then apologized to Todd, for not informing him. Then I went to see the man. I offered to pay whatever damages he thought I had done, he said, "None, it is my land stay off it."

 I said, "Sir did you see the size of that young man?"

"I don't care, my hammer will bring him down to size."
I said, "Sir, you are very arrogant and ignorant, the kid would make you eat that hammer. He used to be an enforcer for the Hell's Angels, before he got religion."

I have judged folks for years about multitudes of tattoos.  It is not fair, it does not tell you their heart, but we older folk do that.

My tattoo?  It is a $5 single one, The Eagle Globe and Anchor and USMC below it. I was 17 and proud to be a Marine.  I wanted "Devil Dogs" on the other arm, but my Sherry has no sense of humor, so I never got another.  ha! Hey, I was 17 and cool, I was even too young to drink, so I was sober when I got the tattoo.

I wonder, do Tattoos scab up and itch like they did then? And how much do they cost?

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Lisa said...

Well well well, what a great story. I personally like tattoos if they are not vulgar or devilish. I have Two. One on my lower back, which with the more modest clothing and style of today, It doesn't really show. I also have one on my wrist that says "faith" It is written so it says "Faith" when you look at it upside down too. Worked for me because my biggest concern was which way dose it need to face? so now it works both ways. ha! And both tattoos were my own drawings. My tattoo guy was big and intimidating looking with a teddy bear heart.

They cost about 60.00 an hour now.

betty said...

Liked that story about Todd; too bad that "neighbor" had such problems about his space and had the attitude he did. I did notice your tattoo; I figured it was something you got in your time in the service :)

Son has 2 tattoos; I think one cost him $80 and the other $60, but can't really remember. He got them after he turned 18; I just remember he rubbed a lot of lotion on them for the first few days.


Glenda said...

Having never has a tattoo, can't answer about the itching. A lot of guys have patriotic tattoos and that's pretty cool. Currently it seems that the younger generation, gals and guys go all out with ink, some intricate and attractive, some not so much! But, to each his own; know people who've had a tattoo drawn over an existing one they regretted having gotten -- boyfriend's name etc. That one likely itches!!!

Jean said...

I think tattoo's look okay if not too many. I see some on people that if they pulled their clothes off them they would still look dressed. Maybe partly!! It's raining here again this morning I do wish it would fair up our yard has washed out something terrible. Take care. Jean

Mevely317 said...

I'll admit, I'm an 'old fogey' when it comes to inking. Less is more, for sure ... and NONE is best -- at least where women are concerned.

Yours seems like something a serviceman would have done, and I like the patriotic feel.
LOL on Sherry's nixxing the "Devil Dogs." Heck, I follow the University of Arizona Wildcats only because I don't care for ASU's themed "Sun Devils." Silly, huh?

Rick Watson said...

Yep. I have one too. I think it's a law that you have to get one when you're in the military:)

Paula said...

When I was growing up I only remember anyone having one if they came home from the Navy. If I was young now I would like a small butterfly on my ankle or shoulder. Some I like and some are too much.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I had to delete my comments it is late and I misspelled 2 words. I was
wondering what the tattoos would look like when they start ageing and get wrinkles. They will be ask what did that use to be.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Anymore it's not unusual to see tattoos on lots of folks. Even my daughter has one, although to my knowledge , none of my sons do. I never saw the need for one , but some do. Never judged anybody because they had one either.