Monday, January 25, 2016

Some unique things through technology

When Sherry gets to wondering what the weather is like in our home town, she clicks on:

(This is our town of Belmont, just a minute ago. You see the little snow is almost gone. Side note, the construction that used to be 'Second fiddle' on the earlier pics, is going to be a restaurant associated with the 'Jonas Brothers', the famous singers from our town)
And she gets the ‘Earthcam’ that is set up in our little down town. You look right down Main Street, the street she walked in her early life. You also get a short weather report. Of course the street has changed in many ways, the existing buildings are the same, just different owners and products.
(This is a 'snip' of Mark sitting below the clock talking to us on the phone, he was walking Janie his dog)

Right now I look over at her computer and she is checking how much snowfall they have had, it appears that they have about an inch. 

The camera is fun, she can even watch the Christmas parade and have a ring side seat.

AT one time or the other most of our family have come to the town clock to wave at grandpa and grandma down in Florida as we chat on the cell phone.  Even Shirl came up and did a dance. 
(Shirl on Sunday morning. These are 'snips' from last year)
Now not everyone is aware of the camera that is active 24/7.  And unlike many Earth cams there are street lights so you have a good view around the clock. So folks looking at our family as they drive by must wonder why these folks are looking across and waving at the ‘Stowe’ office building (Where the camera is hung).
(Even friends Don and Evelyn & friend Carrol stopped by the square before heading to Florida.)

Not every city has a camera. You too can have one installed, I do not know the cost. Some guy near Boston has one in his chicken house.  If you want to see who has one, follow the lead below:

I just checked the surf at Daytona, they do not have lights but I could see the surf. I also dropped by Flagstaff, AZ. Temp was 49 with some snow on the ground.
(Above is Time square this morning, I thought NYC had ground to a STOP)

Just another marvel of the internet!

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betty said...

That is neat about the camera and being able to watch the parade in the luxury of your own home, LOL :) I too marvel at the wonders of technology :)


Lisa said...

This is neat! I didn't know they had a street cam. I lived in Belmont until I got married. I was a Red Raider. Mom and Dad still live there. I will have to check out this link for sure. My husband watches the beach cam every so often and the town of Boone has one also in case you ever want to see it snow.

Just can hide any where now days.

Mevely317 said...

How fun is THAT?!
I started to ask if Mark knew you were 'spying' on he and Janie in that second picture ... then kept reading (and answered my own question)!

I've heard of the Jonas brothers, but never knew they hailed from your home town! It seems lots of famous folk lend their name(s) and/or $$$ to restaurants these days ... maybe for tax purposes?

Glenda said...

WOW, didn't know about this cam thing, have seen people using Google Earth it must be similar. I am just not so tech oriented, if someone shows me how to do something and I use that information a half dozen times, will remember -- otherwise it's forgotten.
AM going to see if we have one, thanks for the heads up!

Jackie said...

Love this!!!
Gonna have to start snooping, I am. :)
Sending you both hugs,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wow! That is amazing! How neat to be able to keep in touch like that. I'll definitely be checking out the Earth cams. I know we have traffic cams set up all around and I've often checked out those but this is so much better.

Paula said...

It's all amazing. My daughter has a camera in her kitchen so she can watch her precious cats from where they are skiing or where ever they are. Making sure they are getting fed etc. Skype is still a wonder to me too. One holiday we all got to see and talk to a granddaughter in another state by Skype. I have it but never use it. I don't want people to see I haven't combed my hair yet. lol